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Headlight stopped working

Greetings to everyone. I hope that someone might be able to give me a direction to go in order to fix this problem.

2008 Honda Shadow Aero 750

I just got my bike back yesterday from the movers and started checking things out. When I started checking the lights, I seen that the headlight was not working. I've checked the bulb and it works fine (tested it in my car). The highbeam switch doesn't even switch on the light on the dash.

Tore the lamp housing apart and at one point, the highbeam indicater came on, and then went out again.

The fuse is fine and I even replaced it to make sure. Any ideas as to what might be happening?

Thanks for your help.




Could be a loose earth connection or a loose plug in or near the headlight by the sound of it. Follow the wires from the globe back and check connections. Also if you have a test lamp check the power pins on the headlight socket and earth the test light on the bike frame. If the light comes on move the earth to the headlight and see if it comes on. If it doesn't then there is a problem with the earth to the headlight bucket.

Sounds right on the money, Beachy!

Hey David! Merry Christmas (belated!).
One idea crossed my mind. Since your lights worked before the bike was shipped, I would also consider the possibility that something the movers did may be causing you some angst. It is remotely possible that when your bike was transported that something may have been damaged when it was secured/tied down. If the movers were not experienced with motorcycles (even if they were), it is possible that they may have pinched the harness when securing the bike if they put tie-downs on the handlebars and were careless. It might be worthwhile to take a few minutes and wiggle the harnesses that run up the handlebars to the dimmer switch and see if the lights come one. It might be just a shot in the dark, but the transportation of the bike seems to be the last variable in the equation here. Good luck.

Thanks for all of the advice everyone. I did some more playing around with her the other day and I have found the problem. Seems that the starter switch is going bad.
As you all know, when a bike starts, the light turns off and then comes back on once it is running. Seems that the switch isn't releasing all of the way sometimes. It works now, but I'll have to keep an eye on it until I can afford to replace the switch.

No harm in spraying the connections/terminals in the switch housing with an aerosol cleaner designed for low voltage electrics.

Wow, It's always something funky! Glad you found the problem, David.

Vardy, thanks for that bit. I've sprayed the starter switch in the past, but wasn't allowed to ship the spray back in my stuff. I'll have to find some (hoping that Radio Shack still carries it).

theturbo, Thanks for the links. That is one site I wasn't tracking yet for the Shadow. I'll see what I can do to print out the instructions for taking the switch apart and see if I can't do the same job.

Too true captainbob, too true.

David glad you found the problem. It is indeed an unusual fault that could be easily overlooked.

I happened to come across that on another site, and while I was looking at other things, thought that I'd give that a shot and see what happened. That switch is over 5 years old, bound to have a few issues with all the times that I went riding in Germany.

Ahh there is the problem, it is in a different time zone now Smiley-wink the light come on at the wrong time!

Might be, but she didn't seem to have that issue when she went to Germany. lol

Did the same repair about 40,000km ago (5 years) and switch still working fine. Nice link to instructions - just remember those wires are soldered and a pain to re-attach.

Same problem no lights and would not start. Cleaned the switch contacts as suggested and everything works. Good advice.

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