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Headlight Strobe

My headlight strobes when I go to high beam. It stays on solid on low. I was told this is a safety feature, but it bugs me at night. Is this a safety feature, or do I have a problem?



Someone may have ordered it and installed the unit . What year is your Vulcan? If it is 2017-18 it may very well have a strobe headlight from the manufacture.

Hi Ronnie,
It sounds like you are referring to what is known as a headlight modulator, where the light pulses (at least I hope it isn’t “strobing”!) to make you more visible. They are only supposed to pulse in the daytime. Seeing that your profile shows that you have a 1500 Nomad (they haven’t been made in quite a few years) there is no way that this is a factory installation. All of the aftermarket units that I have seen have some sort of a photo cell similar to those on outdoor household security lighting that turns them on at night and off in the daytime. Motorcycle headlight modulators are designed so that they will not allow the pulsing feature to operate at night. I can see how this is very annoying and unsafe. The first place I would look would be inside the headlight bucket to see if that’s where the unit is. If not there, trace the wires from the headlight harness to find the modulator. If you find the unit and by chance the photo cell is somewhere in the harness but hidden out of sight where the sunlight can’t get to it, you have two choices. If you want to keep the modulator, then mount the “eye” where it is in direct light so it can function properly and operate in the daytime only, as it is designed to do. Or you can just remove the unit if you don’t want the pulse feature. Hope this helps.

I found the modulator unit, it was in the headlight bucket. Traced down the photo cell, and found it coming out the front. Apparently it was getting enough light off my running lights to remain active at night. Relocated it, and now it works properly. Thanks for all the tips, they really helped.

You are quite welcome! I realize after the fact that I phrased my thoughts backwards (regarding the photocell getting sunlight) but I'm glad you got it worked out.

Such wonderfully helpful people here. They are just such delightful little cherubs.

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