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Headlights - Why are they on ALL the time

yeah yeah yeah, I know headlights ON for safety and I won't argue that, but do I really need the headlights to be on so the bike will crank? No ... No you dont. I modified my 1982 750 Virago back in the day - it was required to change the wiring due to bad relay circuit in the harness. I added a diode and some components to 'rebuild' the relay such that the headlight would not come on until the brake (hand or foot) was depressed. I mean, really, if you have you ever ridden a bike, you know good and well the thing you do after clutching is brake and shift into gear (if not maybe you need to re-evaluate your SOP). So anyway, now I have my newer bike (going on 5 years now) V-Star 1100, but I cannot find a good way to alter the wiring to achieve the brake-to-engage-headlight feature. "Why would I do that?" you ask - simple...when I turn on the ignition to engage the running lights and radio, I don't want to run doen the battery and blind the neighbors. 
So, if you have any thoughts on this post me up....thanks.



I'd prefer a manual switch and indicator light.

The reason is it is Federal LAW and in most all country's it is LAW so the manufactures just wire them up ON. If you want to rewire for manual or relay. You need a schematic for your bike. Then you should be able to figure it out. I would think it is possible with out to much trouble. Just have to reroute the signal wire to the relay and lite up the head lite.

FORGOT !!!!! WELCOME to the site I am from Washington State. I have two Stratoliners 2007,2014 Deluxe and a 2017 Indian Vintage.

Dude ... it’s a question/issue that spans the motorcycling globe. Welcome from Australia.

Safety, to be seen. I would not put a switch on them or you'll find out why when a cager dose not see you. Get a battery with more Cold cranking amps, the lights are fine the way they are. Put your radio on a separate line with a toggle switch, but don't forget to flip it off when not using.

My 2004 Kawasaki ZG1000 headlight doesn't come on until after the bike starts. This is the way all ZG's are from Kawasaki..

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