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Hello everyone my name is Azza i have recently joined moto tribe



Welcome from Canberra Azza, join in and get involved. Post a photo of your bike, there are plenty of V-star riders and plenty of good tech advice. You wouldn't believe it but just happen to be down your part of the world with a bunch of guys last weekend and had lunch at The Husky, you can see some photos posted in the last few days.

Howdy from San Antonio

Welcome from the Netherlands. Like Dub suggested, post a pic, join in and get involved. Great people here from all over the world...

Welcome from Arkansas USA

Welcome from central New York USA

Welcome from Medford, OR USA.

Hi Dubster thanks for your post. I will put up a picture of my bike shortly

Thank you

Thanks GertNL, i cant wait for my next lot of rostered days off so i can get out on my vstar

Thanks AllenEllis

Welcome from Penrith. There are a few members here and in surrounding areas.

Azza welcome from the Gold Coast, join on in and get involved we all love riding

Welcome from California Vstar 1100 Brother

Hi Azza welcome to the site. Good choice of ride. Been a Vstar rider all the time 650,1100,1300. Great place to live I had a holiday place on Sanctuary Pt Rd years ago near the sub station.

So Ray the next one will be the 1900

If they made a 1900 probably Dave, but for now I think 1300 is just fine.

Ray they do make a 1900 its called the Stratoliner and a beautifully well balanced bike i might add

Or rake it out and you've got a 1900 raider.

It is a shame that we don't get the 1900 Raider down here Paintcan, very imposing looking ride!

The styling is nearly identical to the stryker 1300, are they available? I rode a raider scl a few years ago, Vance and Hines pipes intake kit and power commander. The power delivery is very smooth and linear but if you open that throttle fast you better be holding on that torque is amazing. I knew I'd be buying too many rear tires and paying too many fines so I bought a Stryker

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