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Hello from Australia

I joined up yesterday, I got my second bike 3 weeks ago, a lovely white VStar 650 classic. I've done almost 1,000 kilometers on it already, I took it to the Great Ocean road which is not far from where I live, and happens to be one of the best roads that motorcyclists enjoy. It was a great ride and the weather was perfect. The other day I went on a group ride for breast cancer awareness, and there's another ride for the same thing this Sunday which I'll also be going on. Here's a link to the pictures of the Pink Ribbon Ride:

Here's a YouTube video of one of my rides:

Looking forward to getting to know others in the community Smiley-laughing



welcome aboard !!

this was bittersweet for me to watch, I wanted to ride GOR this spring on our trip to Austria. Unfortunately we didn't make it there, it was too far away from Sydney to make it in a few days. So we saved it for a future trip.
Welcome to the site! What's your other bike?

Howdy, and welcome to CCC! That's a nice VStar you have- had one just like it before getting a pearl white Roadie. Be safe and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Community!


Thanks everyone Smiley-laughing

My other bike was a Virago 250, it was a good one to start on, small and light. The V Star is 100 kilos heavier and much more bulky, but is well designed so it doesn't feel that heavy and handles very well. I'm limited to what I can ride anyway, I'm only 5ft1 lol. I hope you get to ride the GOR one day UWE, it's fantastic. Great corners and scenery. I'm very lucky to live this close to it.

Hi Star
welcome to the site .there a lots of ozzies on the site and many live near you keep your eyes open for them .


And a big welcome from Perth, Western Australia....yes we are all a little troppo, but its all good clean fun.....cheers

Welcome to the site, and an extra warm welcome to another Victorian! There are a few of us here from Vic so keep your eyes open for our next ride.
I might get to the GOR myself in a few weeks, now that the sun is coming back out.

Cheers, Steve

Fantastic, I've noticed there are a lot of Aussies on here. Thankfully the weather for Sunday's Pink Ribbon Ride is going to be nice, it was cloudy and a bit wet on the last one. I'm hopin to get more GOR trips now that the weather is getting better. I might be too slow for some people though, I've only taken this bike on one trip down there, and being a large cruiser it can't take the corners too quickly.

Look at them flocking in. we are plenty here you can post your video in the video section go to the add a video in the LHS of the page where it says get active. Welcome aboard

Hi Star welcome!
I also have a 650 VStar, love it to bits.. Enjoy your new ride, we envy you the fantastic roads out your way.
Are you talking about the pink ribbon ride to Werribee, organised by Point Cook Motorcycle Club for this coming Sunday? If so we'll see you there. Smiley-laughing

Hi whitevstar. Welcome to the nuttiest website known to mankind. The aussies here get together once a year and some Victorians get together at other times. Give me a message if a group weekend sounds fun to you.

I'll post some videos and photos in the appropriate sections, I have plenty! Yes, the ride I'm talking about is the one to Werribee Smiley-laughing

I'm glad this website is nutty, I am too,must be, I have 8 pet pythons and a good often dark sense of humour Smiley-laughing

Welcome to the site Star, don't mind us we are all slightly mad...

Hi Star, welcome from another novice rider, only got my 'Ls' in June. Learning on an Intruder 250 which is great while I'm building up skills and confidence. Thinking of a 650 VStar as my next bike as well!
This is a great community, lots of advice, encouragement and support and most of all ..... fun!!!!!

Saw the 650 pics on Flickr and the snakes on Youtube. Cool!

Terry aka tezza

Welcome fellow 650 Vstar rider! Mine is burgundy and purple, a Classic. Just went on the Breast Cancer ride here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada about 2 weeks ago. Great cause, great ride. Did a ride for United Way fundraising here this weekend. Hope you have fun on the site with all us nutters Smiley-laughing

Ha, another shorty!, love it!, I'm at least with the sheilas anyway Smiley-wink Welcome Star, enjoy, great bunch of folk here.

Hey star welcome to the nuthouse and have fun

Welcome aboard the Circus train all the animals have gone but all the clowns are still here. Enjoy this wonderful site with all its great people. None better than Dim take her up and meet her on your ride and you will make a great friend for life Im sure. As much as it pains me to say it the guys and gals from Vic are a great bunch and I do hope that I also will have a chance to meet you in the future at either our annual get together which is in the Barrossa in March 2013 or one of the other Vic rides Like Ararat. All the best ride safe

welcome aboard

Welcome Star, Enjoy the site

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