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Hello, everyone.

Hello, everyone!

I appreciate the site here, you have really created something interesting to be sure!

I had previously been riding a Honda CB650C (my first ride), but a friend recently passed, and left his Suzuki Intruder 1400 to me. I intend to polish her up, get her going again (he said she only had old gas, but I think I will also be adding a battery, and otherwise I have no idea as his widow has no idea about the bike other than it sat for two years). I am therefore putting the Honda up on the local Craig's List, and getting this Suzuki ready for riding! I look forward to learning from everyone here about all sorts of things, and hopefully I won't regret parting with the Honda.




Hi Bill - Welcome to the CC site - Great bunch of guys & gals here - No doubt there will be many greetings but a Big 'G'Day from COOMA NSW Australia anyway ... Check out some postings - add a comment or two and have a look at the photos & videos sections as well ...
Take Care & Ride Safe ....
Greg (frostbite).

Thanks, Greg, for the rapid response!

I am already digging into the site, as I was hoping it would be a good place to locate information about what I have just (thanks to this site) discovered is my new (to me) 1996 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP! I believe I am going to get a TON of information now, and the new manual one of the members referenced is already helping me!

Bill, welcome from Arkansas. I had a bike set for a year and the fuel lines and carbonator was a disaster. Hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get it up and running

If the bike had been sitting for two years you need to do more than just freshen up the fuel in the tank. I’d suggest that the entire fuel system from filler cap to spark plugs needs to be cleaned and de-gummed.

HI from Washington state. I would flush the brake system when things set for any length of time they go bad.If the brake fluid is dark brown or black change it. Check the tire's just because they look good means nothing. Check the date code on the side of the tire. If they are over 4-5 years old get rid of them. They will kill you. I have had two friends die due to good looking tires. The tires were only 3 years old on the one and over 6 on the other. These tires do not hold the road as new ones will. One had a blow out and the other just fell off the road at 60 mph while on a corner. Replace all hose's make sure the brake hose's don't have any cracks. Make sure the calipers work and are not frozen from moisture due to old dirty fluid. Change the coolant fluid and hoses also. Not trying to make you spend a ton of $$$ but you must get the bike in excellent running order it is your life on the line. Every thing Vardy said. The very worst thing you can do to a bike is let it set for any length of time. Things just bad all by them selves. Good luck with the 1400 when you get it all fixed up they are a great bike.

Welcome to the community Bill. As you can see by the previous comments that there is a heap of support on the site.
My first bike when I got back into riding was an Intruder 1500LC. A great bike.

Thanks everyone! I had intended to go through the bike, just as many here advised. My CB650C was a bike that I also had gone through, and I derived a great deal of satisfaction from turning my own wrenches on her as well. I am thinking this will be the case with this bike. I have the added bonus of access to a real shop manual for this bike, though (thanks to this site's awesome members last night!), and think that this will make things quite a bit easier. The Clymer manual for the Honda was not as helpful in many situations over the years I used it on the Honda, and now that I have a better feel for the process, I think I will do well. Having a paved parking lot and a real bike lift this time around surely cannot hurt, either!

Have fun I also do all my own wrenching. It is fun for me. I have a warm shop to work in. Lifts are nice cause I hate crawling around on the ground.

Hi Bill - Here is a link for a Service Manual Free PDF - - Should be worth downloading I would think - plenty of good info in the manuals ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...
(link works, I just downloaded it for my collection)

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