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Hello, im new so apologies if im doing this wrong

Doing all the modifications on my vstar myself changing to a bobber and need some tech. help. This sight has a lot of really good intel in that area. Looking forward to learning from those of you with vast knowledge in that area.



Hello and welcome from the Netherlands. I don’t think you did anything wrong, let me tell you this to start with... There are a lot a guys with mutch technical knowledge here on the site, I’m not one of those, I’m sorry... but, when you have a question, just ask and I’m nearly sure somebody will give you the right answer...

Have fun, post some pics, show your bike. Wish you nice and safe rides!

Thankyou!!!!! Looking forward to being a part of this community!!!! Thankyou for your kind words!!!

Welcome from Arkansas. Yes lots of people here with knowledge. I'm probably not one of them, lol. Someone here will be able to give you the info you need

Welcome from Kansas City. Lady Riders Rock! My wife loves riding.

Hey thank you!!!!

Thank you!!!!! Im looking forward to the great info!

HI and welcome from Washington State. Sounds like your going to change everything with your bike. It is not all that hard it just takes time and $ and a little planning. Keep coming back there are lots of great folks here. It has become kinda of a little family. Have a great time with your V-star Bobber.

A Big G'Day from Cooma, N.S.W. Australia - Good to have you onboard - I am a Retired motorcycle mechanic and could possibly help out if needed, ok - I'm sure that most of us here have had experience in doing or knowing somebody that has done same or similar things to their bikes over the years - plenty of genuine help here - only have to ask - ok ....
Share some photos and or videos of bikes or rides or anything basically ...
Enjoy the Build of your Bobber ..... it is good fun doing mods - I have done quite a few over the years and recently fitted a lower height, real steel old school rear fender on my VN900C and currently getting things ready for a full repaint - colour change for the bike ....
Anyway - Take Care - Ride Safe and Enjoy your bike/s and enjoy the CC site ....
Cheers -
Greg (frostbite)

Welcome from the frozen tundra of central New York. Enjoy your time here

Thanks Greg!!!!! Awesome to hear what youre doin. I appreciate the warm welcome!!! cool thankyou!!

Thankx Scruffy!!!!! Cheers

Your welcome. I may ride on down and do a meet up this summer after I get back from Arkansas CCC 2018 ride. Your only about 20 hrs from Washington. That would be a great little ride to Sacramento area

Thats a big ride! Im a whimp compared to you wow

Welcome from Medford, OR a bit closer than Wayne. Last April we road down that way to visit a friend from Australia who was visiting another friend in the Castro Valley, CA. If Wayne heads that way, I'd probably tag along. Kinda of want to get back down there and do a car race track one day. Uwe who lives there in Castro Valley does that along with racing bikes.
Wish you well with your bobber project.

Sarah Just get on and head North and RIDE it is fun.. Bring some friends meet in the middle that would only be 11 hr ride or so..Have fun with your BOBBER.

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