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Hello from western Oklahoma

Just found this forum today and thought to myself "there's something missing". Then realized  it was me. Cool



It's about time ya showed up! It's your turn to clean the hot tub. Keg fridge is through the door to your left there. Have fun and welcome to the funny farm. We're all bozos on this bus.

Welcome from Kansas City. My Mom was a Bozoette. Just sayin'.

Well let me draw a beer and we'll enjoy some Firesign Theatre. Smiley-laughing

Howdy Bubba from Central Texas!

Don't ask me why I tossed that Firesign reference out there. Something must have told me you'd catch it. Just call me Nick Danger, Third Eye.

Which actually kind of fits me now. I used to be a four-eye, but I lost one. Smiley-wink

Hey Hildr, you must be in the hill country. I'm from Lubbock, the land of brown skies. Moved to OK in 1986

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