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Just got my license and i am in the market to buy my first Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic LT, i think i found a great deal on a 2015 but i am leary about the miles "261", the price is under $6 so i am foaming at the mouth. does this sound strange to anyone, a (3) three year old bike with less than 500 miles on the clock?



Sounds "iffy" to me. Is there any back history? It's possible that something happened to the owner and the bike sat.
Does it run and look alright? Does the odometer work? Look for signs of wear. If the rear sprocket looks worn in any way, I'd walk away.

brought it home its in good shape and runs well ready to hit the road.

Ride safe and enjoy the ride. Hope it serves you well.

Hae fun with your new ride. Be safe. Run some Sea Foam through it for a couple fill up's.

If the critical fluids have not been touched for a long time then do yourself a favour and change the oil and brake fluids before you do any serious mikes. I don’t know much about the Vulcan 900 ... so not sure if it’s watercooled. If it is and the bike had been sitting for three years, change the coolant as well.

Hi coolbreeze - Welcome to the best Cruiser site that I know of ... I ride a 2009 VN900 Custom and it is an excellent bike - goes really well for a 903cc machine ... Good advice if the bike has been sitting for a few years - change out ALL the Fluids, including the Radiator fluid too ... These bikes are very reliable as long as you don't thrash the insides out of it ... like all bikes, treat them with respect and do regular services and oil changes and do the Tappet Clearances every Full Service - Some people check and adjust the clearances about every 15,000k (10,000miles) but I do mine every 7,500k (5,000 miles) as they are quite easy to do - IF you are mechanically minded and have a box of the correct shims to use - I bought a box of Hot Cams (code - HCSHIM02) and a nice digital metric micrometer - Knowing that the Proper Tappet clearances are always under control is a critical part of the correct maintenance for the VN900 Engine/s and gives peace of mind for long trips ... Most of the bigger models have Hydraulic Tappets, but they can have their own issues too ...
You will have Many Happy and trouble free miles on board of your Vulcan .....
Cheers & Ride Safe
Download these Manuals - They are FREE and a Great ASSET to have ...

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