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Help!!!! Cannot diagnose problem

Hello Folks, I have spent the last week trying to diagnose the problem with my 96 vt1100c. We took it all apart today and found out that the right carb is dumping gas into the front cylinder causing it to burn wayyyy tooo rich at low rpm. Opened up inspected and cleaned carbs and they appear to be functioning correctly. When i drain the carbs and clean the plugs up it will run fine with the choke open for awhile but once warm will not idle because (i assume) of the gas. Please help me figure out why this is happening




You will need to take the carbs apart and get some carb cleaner and some very small drill bits. You may have to drill out the little passages. I do this on every rebuild I do. Double check the needle and seat if you have a rubber tip needle you need to get a new on.. The ethenal has damaged the rubber tip whether you can see it or not it is bad. Then reset you float level. or make sure it is correct. and not by saying ya it looks good. measure it. Check the floats I have had some that went bad.

i am going to try this this week thank you so much!!!

You may need to double check the fuel pump. It should be getting 12 volts. IF not you can just wire up 12 volts to it and that should help with th pump. Honda had some issues with low voltage to the pumps. Try this site for parts and pictures.

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