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Help Measurements for Add-On Back Rest Sissy Bar

Good Morning,
I am a new rider I just learned last year on a Yamaha 750 Maxim. This year I bought a bike a 2012 Yamaha VStar 1300 from my local Harley dealer the bike was brand new despite the year it had 3 miles on it. Problem is the bike is naked and I am trying to add some accessories and I am trying to purchase a back rest sissy bar and luggage rack combo and I am being asked to give measurements for it and I can't find it in the manual. I did as they suggested but I wanna make sure my measurments are correct. Can someone tell me if my measurements are correct or what they would be. 
They asked for width and the distance between bolts and I come up with 9.75 in. on distance between center to center of bolts and a distance of either 11 or 11.5 in. on width. Is this right? Please help.




Who are you trying to buy through??? It should be a matter of identifying your bike model and the seller should tell you what you need!!!!!
There are sites that have all the model information already loaded. Have you tried J&P cycles?? Or a similar supplier??

I was going through Ebay and the seller is dealing with a supplier and wanted the wide of my bike and the distance on the bolts I just don't know where I can look up that specific info for my bike my model number for my bike is XVS13ABR

There might be a price difference between your prospective eBay supplier and a dedicated online seller of motorcycle parts/accessories BUT ... you will have less hassles and less likelihood of being faced with returns if you buy a sissy bar/rack that is designated as bike specific for an XVS1300. There are many sites that will cater to your needs .. J&P Cycles, Dennis Kirk and Competition Accessories (the latter only if you live in the USA). You could also try the websites of the parts companies ... Kuryakyn, Cobra, Show Chrome Accessories etc etc

Thanks for the information and direction I appreciate it very much.

I'd go with J&P. They have your bike specs and if there is a problem they will be there for you

Lee, in addition to the choices already mentioned, keep in mind that there a few factory options available for that bike. If you go to the Star Motorcycles web site and go to the accessories section, you can see what they offer. They also offer luggage racks that mount to the backrest if you should ever decide to add one. And since they are both from Yamaha, they are guaranteed to fit. The ones that Valerie mentioned are also nice too and you can count on them all fitting as well, so you have plenty to pick from. Just stay away from some generic item on e-bay where the seller is asking for measurements, as that is only asking for disappointment. Good luck and happy shopping!

I ordered mine though Cruiser customising just before they stopped shipping the Australia. No problem OEM part fitted perfectly and delivery was swift. also try Pacific Coast Star they also are a good supplier of Vstar parts.

Lee mine is a Vstar 1300 also just haven't had time to upload the latest pic.

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