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Help on my '04

So last weekend I was having an issues last weekend with my bike. I was on the interstate doing 75MPH and all of a sudden, I started losing power. Before starting the day, I switched out batteries. We got it back to the house and we switched out the plugs, fuel filter and put yet another new battery in. It was running like a champ up until today. I went to start it to go for a small ride and it wouldn't turn over. I checked the fuses and they are good and I gave the battery charging. The only thing electrical new thing is a 12v power outlet. The positive wire is ran to the positive terminal and negative is ran to the negative terminal. What else could it be?


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I'd check the regulator/rectifier. It converts the AC from the stator to DC to charge the battery. The regulator monitors and controls the charging voltage.
If you need help on how to do the tests, let us know.

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