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Help: Shifter sticks when down-shifting; must lift with foot

I bought a used 1988 800 Suzuki intruder a few months ago... New oil filter, changed fluids, new starter, then started leaking from bottom of clutch cover after old gasket and two new gaskets. Leaking stopped when I finally used silicone. The next day no leakage, but now there's a shifting issue. I have to now lift the lever a bit before each shift to shift. It doesn't spring into the ready position anymore. I tightened the bolt on the lever and it still does it? Could there be silicone jamming it up? Something else? I don't want to pay a stupid amount for someone else to figure out what I can and can do my self. I just want to ride again. Please help.




I thought the 88 model was a 750. See Page 199. Item 41, the return spring; is my first suspect. If that's it, it's not a hard or expensive fix.

Yes, 750 but the shop I chose the mistake of going to told me 800 was it's tech specs... I'll look that up, hope that's it and return with progress. Thank you.

So I took the thing apart and checked the spring. spring is fine but apparently the rod is loose and when I was trying to shift it was pushing it out of place. now I got to figure out where first gear is on top of getting the rod tightened to where it won't move back and forth instead of just up and down, any suggestions?

Were you able to download the Manual? The first part of Chapter six covers the external shift mechanism. The weird part is that they refer to figure 15 for the stopper plate. There doesn't seem to be a figure 15. It also says you have to pull the clutch to remove and replace the gearshift shaft. You might need to reassemble things to find first.

.. downloaded, yes... Spring is fine, put grease and for some reason the lever still doesn't spring back into place. I'm going to try to look at it and read some more

Fix it!!! Was a combo of the screw on the foot clutch being loose, pushing the rod out then forcing the clutch spring out from wrapping around the spring rod
.. thanks so much my instincts told me to just twist the spring but checking the manuals assembled pics confirmed it. Thanks Edwins!!! I'll put up pics tomorrow


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