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Hey all been awhile...

Gday guys...

Its been i thought id drop in and say hi !!

Ive been very busy at work...we are expanding...and the overtime is awesome....saving for a new bike !!

For those of you that live in Europe...i will be travelling between the Czech Republic and Germany  in late September...early October this year.  It would be great to meet any members in that part of the world.
I may visit other countries whilst there...
.. but havent confirmed any others yet.

Hope you all are well...

All the best





Welcome back, It has been a while. Have a great week

Good to see you back here, man.

Nice one Folbz but I hear that not to many people actually get over the border to Germany.....the beer in the Czech Republic is to good.....!

Thanks guys....been so busy...lost my login in details for a few weeks was crazy !!!

Really looking forward to the trip...just me and going a great time !

Have contacted may try and catch him if i make it to the Netherlands!

Been doing 16hr days at work....the place is expanding and we dont have the staff to fill the positions...which is good for me...the next bike will be in the garage quicker than i thought!!

Welcome back. Do you have a bike in mind? Watch your health, those hours can sneak up on you. I made the serious mistake of carrying 21 credit hours at college and working full time testing main frame hard drives. I drove up a off ramp and turned off my truck. Fortunately it was 2 am and I was under a light. Woke up, freaked out and cut a u-turn.

If you make to the German Dutch border it's never a big ride anymore Folbz! I'm living 5km from the middle point of Holland! We made a promise to contact eachother and let's see if we can meet.

Looking at getting a 2016 or 2017 Softail Slim S.

I will let you know Gert for sure !

Gert....Holland is 10 k's wide? Lol

I lost my password for years, then it worked out the blue. Got locked out, no customer service at CC anymore.

Nice to hear you are back and still around. Dress warm as October can start getting on the brisk side in Germany. Lived in Frankfurt for 1.5 year and Heidelberg 1.25 year back through 84-87.

That's true Ramdy, October can be the start of Autumn, but... Last few years we could enjoy great weather, specially the end of september and the whole month October. You never know, usually weather round that period of the year is temps somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees during daytime and a bit lower during the evenings...

My dad is not telling me our whole itinerary...leaving it a suprise for could end up I London....Paris or even Rome !!!

Im counting down the days !!

Good choice of bike ... the 'S' has the 110 CVO engine , doesn't it?

Enjoy your trip !!

Welcome home Folbz. We missed you.

Where ever you end up, enjoy the trip.

Thats right vardy !!

Thanks tezza....might pop in more often !!

And i sure will Al....!!

That's all that matters....oh, snd safety.

Great to see your return folbz! Keep coming back.

Thanks Roadie....good to see you're still around mate !!

Its a shame you never made a visit to me when i had a bike......however your welcome on my European adventure later in the year Lol

I think Roadie is AWOL.

Welcome back mate , I know what you mean about getting busy and you don't seem to have enough time for what you like to do . I started a new career late last year and it's all new and different hours .

Cheers nobby !!

Work is expanding quicker than we can staff it...good thing is plenty of overtime!!

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