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Well I feel like a new member with all these new names I am seeing on the blogs and discussions..

To all my friends, I apologize for being absent for so long, but ya'll know that sometimes a break is a good thing. I am glad to see a lot of old friends, and of course the new ones as well..Keep up the great work guys..




I've been wondering where you've been...good to see you back...hmmm...not sure whether I'm a new name or an old

Since you brought it up.....where the heck have you been?  You're normally here everyday.  What gives?
Glad you're back!!!


I'm with Copper! Life comes at you fast! 

Yeah...errr ...what was your name again....Brandt! lol You're shout for the bevies! lol

Ur only excused if you've been riding, otherwise this rounds on U.  lol, good to have you back

Yeah man where u been? I dont recognise you with the blue glasses

Hey! Missed you man!!!

Brandt,,Sometimes a break is necessary to get some serious riding in, no apologies req`d. I`m in on the cold one as it does seem appropriate now that you`ve found your way back,



Make mine a BOAGS Draught, and great to see you back.  Believe it or not, you were actually missed.

I'll have a turkey and dry cheers

Welcome back Brandt. But be WARNED!!!!! Buying a drink for Dr Phil could get very expensive LOL

Hey! Welcome back! I was missing all the VTX1800 talk....
A schooner of Drambuie please!  (with ice, of course)

Gees mate! It's going to cost you a fortune for all these shouts. You better not go walkabout again. lol

Hi Rad....
Have you gone walkabout again?.............................

HAHA, YEP, well kinda sorta.. I just havent been on to much, but I do appreciate the msg. It's nice to know someone has thought about this old guy!

Hey Brandt, I have been wondering where you got to as well. Hope you are keeping well, stay in touch mate, we may be heading your way next year and I could need a ride buddy!

Welcome back mate, Speaking of missing, has any body heard from Englissh

Brandt, great to hear from you! Just didn't want to disturb you LOL

Welcome back Brudda, sometimes a break is a really good thing. lol

Thanks for digging this one up.... just saw copper's post. I'd gladly shout him a brew even though I'm not a new member.

Well hello its been a long time between drinks, good to see you back here. Most of us are still here, Bloddy Aussies hogging the site!

Dennis...we are just frequent visitors.

Imagine that........................Albert on here again....and again....and again !!

Ken..... if you keep on like that you'll give me a drinking problem.......

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