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I haven't ridden in 20+ years until Friday night.  I found out that riding a bike riding a bike. Smiley-laughing

A guy posted an ad on Craigslist for a 02 VStar 1100 Custom, with 36k miles.  2k, obo.  KBB says the trade in value was 2050, and retail about 2900.

I took a coworker with me to look at it, because she's got a good bit of riding experience currently, and I didn't. It looked okay, and we made plans to come back the following Friday.

I told him I had only been looking at $1500 bikes until a coworker pointed this out, and I didn't know how flexible he was.  He said he was flexible.

A couple days later, he said "How about $900?"  If it runs well...I'll have cash in my pocket.

It already had an oil filter relocation kit on it.  He'd bought it on 5/15, and on 5/25 he'd spent $700 having a stereo installed on it. :O  He gave me the receipts.
She thought it was nice and tight when she test rode it, and I rode in the parking lot.  That was enough for the night.  I didn't bother trying to get him down any further. Biggrin


I think it's a similar situation to the craigslist ad "I apparently didn't have the proper permission of a loving wife to buy this.  'Do whatever the fuck you want' doesn't mean what I thought it meant."


So, I have an 02 VStar 1100 Custom with a $700 stereo, and Vance&Hines tubes on the end of the exhaust, relocated oil filter, with minor repairs/maintenance necessary, for $900




Mufflers are loud. How much fiberglass cloth do I need to repack them?

I've got lines on saddlebags, a trunk, and a plexiglass batwing/windshield. All are about $50 each.

Love your wife story. LOL
I have no idea how much fiberglass you would need but it sounds like you got a hell of a deal

you will need to remove the baffles and wrap some glass around them. Hope that they fit back inside the pipes. You may have to buy the quiet baffles from the manufacture. Good luck and you got a really good deal. The pipes are $600.00 you got the bike for free.

$900 for all that! Even converted to Aussie dollars that’s still a bargain. Well done. Enjoy!

Oh, ratz! Now everybody will be coming to scoop up the deals. Just kidding.

Someone looked at it for me at Cycle Gear, they're stock, not V&H pipes.

But someone cut the baffles and half of the tube off from the rest of the muffler.

So, I'm looking for the end muffler part.

Would something like this replace the missing part, or is it a POS?

Great Deal !.....the ORK I put on mine was close to $350 CDN alone! Keep it loud ...everyone will hear you coming!

Great deal on the bike! Welcome to the community, from western Canada

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