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Hi all

Hi all I am new to the group looking for tips and advice as issues arise with my 950 vstar



Welcome from Arkansas. My mom lives in Springfield. It's about a four hour trip from where I live. Lots of good people here on the site.

That's awesome do you go to many rallies in Arkansas I am hoping to make party naked in July

I go to a few locally. Been to BB and BBQ in Fayetteville

Welcome from KC. Check what I posted in the Rides and Rallies link.

Welcome from Medford, OR.

JULY 6-10, 2017 Baker City - Hells Canyon. I just registered and camping included. See you guys there. We should promote motortribe while we're there. Let's put Triumphin (Bloody Idiot on a bird) in charge of that.

Well heck Drew, if you're going there, will have to ask for the weekend off and join you. Scruffy and I attended 2 years ago. Some nice riding there. you definitely have to ride down to the dam if you haven't Watch the gas gauge closely, in other words fill up before leaving town or any chance in between The one place that used to be a stopping spot was closed down. My Bird had no problems with 200+ range but those with 140-150 are going to get back to town. It is a 184 mile round trip.

I'm thinking of carrying a two gallon gas can along with my stuff. I know the last time I rode Oregon to Northern Cal I barley made it to the station. My range is 165 to bone dry. See you there I hope not on the side of the road.

Welcome from Penrith NSW Australia.

Drew, you won't see me on the side of the road, the Bird is a gas sipper compared to any other bikes of that engine size. I figure 220 miles running hard, loaded, against the wind, doing 75-90 mph. Back roads doing 55-60 mph and not cranking the throttle, an easy 250-260 miles.

Welcome to the community Randy. Post some photos of your bike and rides so us snowbound Canucks can have some vicarious pleasure.... At least until we are back on the road here!

I would probably do better on real gas. You just can't get Ethanol free gas here. So to be fair you must use ethanol too.

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