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Hi from the state of Washington

I heard about this forum from a great couple of guys I rode with on the 4th of July.
I've got a 2007 VTX1800F that I love to ride all over the inland northwest. I turn my own wrenches and hope to share what I know while I learn more.



Hi Nate ... good to see you sign up. It’s Peter from Australia here ... I was riding the Indian. I’m home now ... was great to meet you.

Welcome from San Antonio Hope you enjoy the site

Nate ... post a couple of pics of that beautiful VTX of yours.

It was great to meet you, too!
Now, I gotta find the other two guys on here (I do remember their names but not their screen names - I just don't like to be the first to reference someone's real name online).
Glad to know you made it back home across the ocean safely! That has got to be a looong flight!

Nate ... the rider of the red Stratoliner is known as Scruffy and the rider of the VTX Tourer is on here as Randolpho (from Canada).

Yes, it was a long journey ... counting waiting beteeen flights and a 3 hour bus ride after I landed it was almost 24 hours door to door.

Welcome from Arkansas.

Welcome Nate, another member here from your neck of the woods

Thanks for the welcomes!
You're definitely in my neck of the woods! My roots go a ways back around here. My grandparent's/dad's farm is split by Hwy 2 bordering Bear Lake (very close to you). I'm basically in the Millwood area of Spokane.

Howdy, from Texas!

Hey Nate! Welcome to the community, from western Canada! Glad you were able to meet some of the guys in person.

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