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Hitch on Bike

Hey, has anyone installed a hitch on thier bike and have any advice for me? I have 2012 VSTAR 1300 Tourer and am considering putting one on for maybe a small trailer. Pros? Cons?




I installed one on my Stratoliner. it worked out great. I built it in the shop and built the trailer also. I think I have photos in my photos here on this site. Go take a look. I never had any issues with the trailer running at speed or stopping. I did have to find the balance point. First ride the trailer did a bit of wage the dog after I reached 55 MPH. I just transferred some weight to the front ( on the hitch). I had too much weight behind the axle. Once I moved it forward no issues. That was the only bad thing really not that big of a problem. I liked the way it towed and the amount of stuff I could haul. I was on a trip with several others and was the hauler for extra fuel and other stuff the rest did not want to haul on their bikes. I still out ran several guys. I did install a swivel ball so that the hitch would not bind up in the turns. It pivoted on the ball rather than hitting the shank of the ball when in a tight turn. It has worked out very nice for long hauls and hauling all the tenting stuff. Every now and then I use it to run parts.

I have 1 on my VTX1800 and it has served us well on our trips all around Australia. I started out with a lightweight fibreglass cargo trailer and now have a full blown fold out camper trailer.
Like Wayne, (Hi Mate!) It didn't slow me down much and I still hold my own with the faster riders in our group

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