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Holly Crap

Jesus whoever decided to put the transmission drain plug where it is on the Jeep JK should be shot. What a pain. Had do cut down a 17mm Hex wrench to get it to fit in the tight space!!



That is why they make SPECIAL tools that cost 10 times what they should. Every manufacture does it. NOW you have that SPECIAL tool,, Lucky you Val
That is why I have just over $150,000 + in tools. Four boxes to hold most of them.
Have a good weekend VAL

Tight space! You’re lucky you don’t need to much space because your not too big! LOL But you did it isn’t it? Job is done!

Not a pain in the arse ... a pain in the knuckles !!

LOL Wayne that's about it, Yes Gert it is done, if you think I'm paying shop rate of $120 your out of your mind LOL

Some design engineer at Jeep is laughing at you right now!

No kidding not to mention they put the drain plug right above the exhaust crossover what's with that

Val, an elephant is an ant designed by a committee.

Who’s Holly?

VAL you should look for a auto drain plug. They have a small valve in them and you don't have to remove the plug any more. If you van't find one I can get you one.

Good idea

My Dad used to say the same thing when he was a mechanic. He was always cussing the engineers who designed the cars. He said none of them even worked on a car or otherwise there wouldn't be these issues.

I agree with your dad

According to my mechanic son sounds like Jeeps are made by the same car designer as Landrover and Jaguar

Same deal, cars are put together without any thought of accessing simple service parts.

He works on Landrover and Jag and he constantly has cut all over his arms due to the shitty access to parts.

You used to work on BMW and the cuts were not an issue

Those aren't the words I use. I have a whole other vocabulary for those occasions. I have seen some really strange engineering. The thing is if thy would have only deleted a body seem or some strange brace that only holds one wire. When I get finished with a rig there are several extra parts.

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