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Home made

Hanging with some of the bikers at local groups I have noticed the hard core bikers seem to do the home made route on the accessories. This is cool. I saw a Harley with a suicide shifter black pipes that ran up the side of the bike in the back and other home made goodies and it was cool. Who out there has some home made stuff on their bike? I would love to see some pictures. I am thinking of making my own rapter bar. Any custom stuff out their any one would like to share? Chrome is cool but some times the things you make your self are just as inpressive.



man ever thing i got on my bike is home made or made to do . last time you seen a light bar on honda 250 reble . if it dont fit i take it cause it gone to fit now clydeTongue out

Hello from FRANCE

Hard core BIKER , first bike by REVEL, and finds a piece missing

Keep the grey coming long and slow

 New Year 2010

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