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Honda Interestate fork deflectors

I need fork deflectors for wind problems over 60 mph. I would appreciate any help . Need type of fork deflectors for Honda Interstate motorcycle and hardware to go with it. Thanks Johnny GLORIOSO



I built mine with some Turbo T clamps and a couple pieces of Plexiglas glass. Total cost $12.00

You're a real handy man Wayne!

Send pictures of fork deflectors and hardware . Thanks Johnny! IF you go to my photos on scruffy go to page 8-9 you will find all the pic of how I made my lowers. This is the T-Bolt I used This is the Plexiglas glass mounted on the forks. Finished with the Right side. This is the T bolt I used. Both L,R side mocked up and ready for final assy and mounting.
If you need more take alook at page 9,10 in my photos. scruffy

Thanks for the pictures !!!

If you need anything else send me a post.

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