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How about a Chat Feature....?

Hey all... Just sitting here...getting ready to catch my beauty sleep, but it accord to me that we all post so many comments on blogs, pics, dicussions, etc... and seem to always wait to hear what the next response is going to be.  What are the chances of getting a chat feature created for the new site?  I guess this question is more for Uwe, but wondered what everyone else thought about it.  

I just thought it would be cool to see when other members are online and be able to open up a chat window and talk with them.  






I have often thought that Ron, great idea!


Thanks Kat.  I'm hoping a lot of other members think so too.  If so, maybe Uwe can make it happen!

if i want to chat to you Gunner i;ll slap your dane jar  . now keep your lid on you hole  sorry gunner i just had too lol

Works for me!!  Good Idea. 

Just ignore Clyde.  I need to send him some more red ones.  He has obviously run out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ron, a great idea!

I'm with you Ron.

Well you could be on skype like a few of us and chat there or use the FB ccc site that has a chat facility and is also linked to skype. We need the blogs so as there is a reord of the discussions. If you are on skype then join the skype group and let your skype name be known

I like this idea, on the page , you can see who is online, there have been a few times that i would post something and then i would see that one of my friends would post something a few minutes before, so i knew they were on but could not talk to him.

Clyde, no worries.  I've come to expect s**t like that from you!  lol

Phil, hurry and get those red ones to Clyde.  He's slipping fast! Smiley-laughing

Thanks Skeeter and Turbo.  I was just thinking out loud last night, and speaking through my fingers! Smiley-laughing

Lucky, you are absolutely right.  I could go that way, but two things; One - I'm camera shy

Two - I don't wanna scare the s**t out of everyone! Smiley-laughing

Yep, same here Bill.  Like just now.  Smiley-laughing

The message system we have would work if there was some kind of instant notification like what you have in chat. Sometimes I have messages and it doesn't show up on my home page. It would be a lot easier to have a chat feature here than to use FB or skype.

Rick, Ron and I could have had a conversation going on a chat 1 hour ago. Wow what timing that was, So I am all in for a chat feature. But understand that if this is too much scrap it and we can relook at it later. We don't want to overwhelm Uwe

I agree Rick, it would be easier to have the chat feature right inside the CCC site.  BUT...I also agree with Bill.  If this will be too difficult to do right now, the CCC developement team call look at possibly getting this feature sometime in the future.  Like I said, I was just thinking out loud last night, when I posted this.  Smiley-laughing

Thanks everyone, for the input!

it would be nice , i use to be on hondashadownet they have or had a chat room it was alot of fun. But thats just my two cents worth and im not a computer guy so i have not a clue on the difficulties in setting someting like this up .

A chat feature would be cool. Espically if someone is trying to help you with a repair problem. Sometomes with all the questions back and forth, it takes several hours for someone to get an answer for a problem.

I like the idea too...good thinking Ron.

good idea    good thinking 

great idea, please keep the discussion going. I won't be able to do anything with it until after the launch but it's great to hear everyone's ideas and feedback.

One thing the new site will offer is to notify you when someone comments on your post (CCC does that in "my home") and also notify you when someone comments on a discussion/photo/video where you have commented as well.

This will be more similar to how Facebooks works and I'm working to get a "notification bar" in the top that shows you right away when there are new comments.

I ugh don't know, the idea of chatting with you guys while I'm sitting here in my underskivvies gives me the chills,,lol,,Picture Clyde in his gucci knockoffs,,, Maybe with a dress code, Laughing

Guess you could sit around in your " undies " Tony..... just so your wearing a CC T-shirt.  Maybe we could talk Kyle into making some CC underware ! Gotta get a bunch of points to receive those jewels though !

Maybe the CC underwear could be standard issue for the official greeters?Wink Good thinkin my friend!

There are pros and cons.  It would be good in some ways to be able to converse back and forth, especially when trouble shooting and more information is needed.  One possible downside, like Facebook, if someone isn't feeling chatty but just wants to log in and check messages, the whole world can see that they're on and suddenly all the chat windows are popping up.  Maybe there is a way to turn that feature off?  I don't know, I'm not tech-savvy.

As far as any chat feature using a webcam, um...that's a big negatory there driver!  Well, wait a minute, what would the CC underwear look like?  Tongue out 

Great thinking though, Gunner! 

Good idea!

Ocanada - you ruined my picture of chatting with CCC members...
All I can see now is you in old undies...

OMG!!!!! My eyes!!!! My eyes!!!!



OC's "Thunderware"

Thanks for all the comments Guys and Gals.  I'm glad I was drinking last night brings out the best in me!  lol

Uwe, thanks for you input.  I understand that this isn't something that can be set up quickly, and that there is a lot more to it than we all know...but I'm glad I put it out there.

OC... I'm not talking about a webcam chat...just a regular old chat box!  This way you can chat in the buff if you'd like!  Smiley-laughing  

Captain, I'm pretty certain there would be a way to set this up so that you can maybe just click in a "Check Box" that will show you as "Off line".  This way if you don't feel like chatting, no one will know that you are online.

I do like the idea of CC boxers though!!  Would make for a great picture in May.  lol  Everyone in their CC t-shirts and boxers!!  

Ron, have a few drinks and reconsider your last proposal, you might think differently, just sayin!Laughing

LOL... A little too early for me (not Ken though) to start drinking, but I'll give it another thought later this evening!  And don't act like you would like a picture like that Tony!  I've seen some of the hot tub pictures!!  This would be mild in comparison!

Yeah....I'm with you Tony. mlol I don't turn Skype on just on case Polssken gets hold of me! lol

Nope...  A few beers in and still feel the same way Tony!  I think a picture with everyone in CC t's and boxers would be awesome!!  lol  However, now that I think about it...I better get me some CC Long John's so I don't scare everyone with my skinny, white legs!!  lol

Ok just from my perspective only, let's see a pic of you chaps in CC tees and boxers Smiley-laughing

Polssken eh, yeah a scary thought Al, I heard he's always readjusting his boys sleeping habits ,,lol

When you design the undies Ron, make sure mine a a great big happy face on it!Laughing

hmmmmm...  Not a bad idea Kat!!  I wonder if that would count for the March Photo Contest!!  Smiley-laughing

Happy Face it is Tony!!  But since now we are going with Kat's idea, I'll have to make sure we can see that face with your chaps on!

Getting better and better boys (eyelashes batting)...

lol...  We do what we can for our CCC Sisters Kat!!  Smiley-laughing  Any other request?  lol

How the hell did we get from having a chat feature to wearing boxers in May on a photo shoot!!!????

We better get the chat feature

LMAO...  I was thinking the same thing Rick, but decided "What the hell..."  And you are so right about the chat feature.  This is a perfect example where that would come in handy!! lol

Imagine having a feature that is a little less public. Imagine what will be said in these chats. Hmmm, I wonder if I could be the moderator of the chats and see what all you are really saying about

hmmmmm... maybe this chat thing is a bad idea!!  Smiley-laughing will definitely be interesting.  

Yes the chat thing would be a perfect venue for those "other requests". lolol

Kat IS the brat...

LOL...  Yes...yes she is!!  I say that with the best of intentions! 

Gets my vote.

so what ever happened to doing a chat feature?? still sound like a cool feature on here

Yep, sounds good

Yeah , nothing like aggravating each other in "person " my vote !

hey at least with chat feature maybe some of the discussions wouldn't get hijacked, and people wouldn't get there feeling hurt

No chance on that Ben...........if you hang around long enough , you can hurt feelings like the rest of..................well , not US , but MOST of us ! THICK SKIN my friend , THICK SKIN !

Essential, thick skin, good call Ken.

Just kidding Ben..... all is done in good fun....nobody intentionally hurts someone elses all have a GREAT weekend !


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