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How to add a Product Review

On your member profile the "My Product Reviews" box shows all the products that you have reviewed on
To add more products to your list just visit, find the product you want to review and click "add review".

You can also review products not listed in the CruiserCustomizing catalog, just click here.



When do I get the products to review? lol

lol Al keep tring brother you may get lucky one day .

I'll review it after Al, once Al is done with it. lol, then we'll see what it's like after a gorilla handles it. lol

I made a purchase from Cruiser Customizing 4/20/12 (12 days ago), but do not have it added to "My Accessories" so I can make a member review of the product. How long does it take to become available for a review?

Hi Wayne,
"my accessories" and "reviews" is the same, it's a list of all your product you have reviewed. You can review any product at any time, no matter when you purchased them.

There is a tip in the "help" section on how to add a review:


test, please ignore

I wrote 2 reviews, 1 is on the CC site but the other does not appear. Neither appear on my profile page. What did I do wrong? I thought I followed the instructions above.

Hi Norman,
CC is currently working on the product reviews. I would just give it a week or two and then try again

I can't move items from my wish list to my accessories, I have filled required fields but it will not take it.
Probably because the Part Number is not filled in after you click on got it.... a pdf of the screenshot

I can't move items from my wish list to my bike......

same here Al ,Uwe has somework to do on this issue .

Hi George,
thanks for the screenshot.
CC is only days away from launching the new product reviews feature. You'll then be able to add product reviews that include a lot more options and can you even add photos and videos to them.
Al, Mark, I'll have CC fix that too.

I just updated the link above to review products not listed in the CruiserCustomizing catalog.

Just added a Lindby multibar engine gaurd to my bike. It was easy to install, it only took about 15 - 20 minutes. Remounting the horn was the one thing that took the longest. Looks nice, now if the flipping snow would melt I'd go for a ride!

Hi Armyguy,
please add a review at and it will show up on your profile

Just got new LA chopper Apes. They will not fit stock control housing. I spoke with a tech from La chopper and he let me know he forgot more about bikes then I will ever know and the bars wont fit because " I wont make them fit". The customer servicee reps from Cruiser Customizing said they would. I wanted a bolt on upgrade not a modification project. I cant get my money back so now i got a big paper weight.

E-Bay... Problem solved..

Uwe, my product reviews still do not show on CCC. You mentioned a while ago they were working on this type of issue, any update?

Hi Norman,
I still have to import some more reviews, sorry about the delay. I'll try to get it done next week.

I am not concerned about it, merely letting you know.

I posted one today. I'll have to check it out.


Hey Lil Bit. Great to hear you're happy with your purchase. Nothing worse that getting a package and then a big let down....Hmmm that reminds me... I should have a package soon too.
Enjoy your gear and riding.

Every time I add a review the site creates a new profile to place it under, that's even when I'm logged in on my account? I would like to use my existing account to add reviews.

Hi Ric,
just make sure you are logged in on this community site as well and the reviews will then show up in your profile.
Let me know if you run into any issues.

Ah. Thanks Uwe. There's always an answer.

bought some aas 9 days ago and looked and fit to a T great work and service

Hello All,
My name is Scotty, here is my review,
I have just purchased a Mustang Seat for my Yamaha V Star 650. I am very happy with the delivery time, just over 1 week to my door in Australia Smiley-laughing
General quality in appearance and finish of the Mustang seat is obvious upon examination. Fitting is so simple that the average garage Joe Blow can do it with ease. The ride and seating position is totally different, also very comfy. After having back surgery (spine fusion) this seat has made it possible for me to ride with support to my lower back Biggrin
My only suggestion would be that if you fit the Mustang Seat to your Yamaha V Star, is that you consider pull back risers (i am 6ft tall and found Zodiac 5.5" risers comfy) or ape's which ever you prefer.
Overall i give the Mustang Seat for Yamaha V Star 650 9/10, only reason i don't give it a 10 is because nothing is perfect.
Macaw Scotty

I bought a battery last year, didn't even use all season, now I put it in the bike, it's deader-than-a-doornail,....won't even hold any charge....thank you CC!

Does it have warranty Jeff? Have you contacted the Business site customer service people? Give them a go.

Better question.. Did it freeze?? Nothing kill's a new battery like cold weather...

Logged on to the site, wrote a review, went to submit, and it said I NEEDED TO LOGON!!! Tried logging on again, but everything I tried entering originally was gone. This is too much work to help YOU sell more stuff.

sorry about that, we'll check to see if this was just a temporary glitch

Uwe, have you had too much Christmas cider? I got an email saying my miles were about to expire....and then a little later an apology saying they weren't. Lol Pull up your socks for 2015 young man. Hope you have a great new year.

Hi Al,
yeah, Brian in marketing had a little snafu, wasn't his fault, the loyalty program service provider had an issue with their system. He sent out the apology email to take care of any potential confusion.
And yes, I did have a few ciders over the holidays Smiley-wink
Cheers mate

That's what holidays are for.

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!! I ordered a set of Vance and Hines staggered short shots exhaust for my harley on SUNDAY and they were here on TUESDAY. What FAST service, you guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!

bought my new bike with 1573 miles on it .now I have 3443 miles on it . added a Memphis fats windshield. added a cobra sissy bar. and bag brackets. a set of leather saddle bags . this is all in a month!

New bike cover review. Just got a new cover for my 2015 V-Star 950 Tour. Fits as tight as a you know what. If I add anything at all it will not fit. No rack and luggage, no highway bars. No extended windshield . I mean I wasn't sure it was going to fit at all when I first tried it. I'm new at this but it will not pull down around the tires. It barely pulls down under the front fender and barely down under the rear bags. I guess I should have ordered the stretch cover for approx. 35% more. Live and learn.

I try and place a review on the wolo bad boy air horn ,, and I see you people don't post it ,, is it because the horn is garbage

Your review and subsequent post are both there ANGEL04.

Ordered my parts on the 18th & they got shipped out on the 23rd. Still waiting.

Hi Terence. Just remember this is a community site. You would be better contacting the business site directly with order related issues. They can check current order status etc rather than it getting to the business third hand. Good luck. Hope your parts arrive pronto.

On the weekend after receiving an email regarding black Friday discounts I placed an order. Completed the transaction and was charged twice for the order when I had problems after proceeding with the order.

To cut a long story short, the customer service section state they do not deal with overseas customers due to fraud. So why did they send me an email and promote a further discount with my order for shipping being from overseas??? After charging me twice then told me to arrange with my bank to get a refund???? Their problem so they should sort it out. I should charge them for the time I have wasted.

No more buying products through them anymore. I will cancel my ten year account and promote their business in Australia.....NOT. My money will now stay in Australia. Looks like TRUMP is impacting on Americans already??? No more trade with the USA from me ever again. Keep my money in Australia to create jobs here. Very disappointing Cruizer Customizing. All my shirts and jumpers with cruizer customizing on it will now be used for oils rags.

Mick Oates

just received my bike cover item number BBP-4-459AB Show Chrome Accessories Cruiser Cover - Large - Cranberry over Black for my 95 xl 883 dlx sportster. Delivered on time and in excellent condition when on with ease less than 5 minutes looks great

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