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How do you keep your helmet from fogging up?

I starte using the Schampa Hannibal mask which is great for riding in cold weather, even when wearing my full face helmet.
It also helps quite a bit with the fogging but the shields still fogs up a bit in cold weather unless I keep it cracked open.
Has anyone used the "anti-fog" sprays? My dealer recommended using Rainex




I have used normal dish washing liquid Just wipe it on the inside and let it dry.

Also, shaving cream, toothpaste, baby shampoo and raw potatoes all work. 2 ounces of white vinegar in a quart of hot water makes a real good one. Apply and let dry. Re-apply as necessary.
When you live in Florida. you learn these things.Humidity sucks.

have not had much luck keeping the shield from fogging up on my full face, tried the anti fog stuff, no luck, leaving it cracked open is only thing that works for me

I got some stuff from the welding shop that works. I just spit on the inside of the visor. It seems to always work and I got plenty of spit..

leave the visor cracked open when stopped, when moving, usually don't have a problem. Some visors don't recommend certain products thus one should be careful.
check out; Within that is the RIA anti-fog stuff that sounds like the holy grail, but I couldn't find any distributors. There was one possible sale from a french site, but minimum qty is 100 liters.

I haven't used any anti-fogging compounds since I ruined a clear visor with the stuff a few years back .... maybe I just used the wrong product; who knows! Regardless, now I just crack open the visor but also use face masks that direct my expelled breath downward.

Randy, I found the RIA site.|pcrid|35541162605|pkw|anti%20fog|pmt|p|google|main&gclid=CPStxN2k7LoCFUkV7AodMVYA6g

I haven't had an issue with the visor fogging up but my glasses do. Found a product at Vegas BikeFest called NoMo ( works great on the glasses. Comes in paste, drops and spray. Have not used it on the visor but they said it works great there too as well as on the windshield if needed.

Open helmet + shades = no fog!!!

some other anti-fog items, but the you got the letters wrong Edwins, looking for RIA, not REI. It would be so nice if the REI store carried the RIA product in a small spray bottle.

I have contacted this company, to see if they have a retail type version. Waiting to see what they say. Their product sounds like it is similar to the RIA product. For a product to be permanent, it sounds like there is more to it then just spraying on and wiping off. Exeene and RIA appear to have you send your product to them, then they apply the anti-fog to it and return your product to use.

try not to breath

That's it...inhale only!

My helmet doesn't fog up, my visor is the problem. LOL. Alas like Ben the only solution I found works for me is to leave my visor cracked open a bit also. I wonder well this works?
webbikeworld bragged up this brand quite a bit: Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Treatment

....Stop Breathin ?

Glenns got the right approach ....

Old skool ,I just open the visor and put up with the rain or fog

Yup crack the visor for me.

to it right inhale only, fart out the excess

LOL eynstyn! That's why ur a genious...

Has anyone tried these?
They are similar to a pinlock shield but you do not need the posts. They work on any full face helmet shield.

I had terrible fogging problems with my previous helmet which was a Shark. Even with the visor cracked open a few notches it still fogged up so badly that it was a danger to ride with. I tried just about every product on the market, none worked. Problem was finally solved by buying a different brand of helmet (which is an Arai). If this one fogged up I was going to buy a pinlock insert which is practically guaranteed to work, but I havent needed to get it at all.

The absolute best way is place a small amount of "Dawn" soap on a cloth or paper towel and rub it on obviously the inside of your shield. Kids.. I've worn a respirator for almost 30 years and that is the only thing that worked period. It has to be regular dawn soap and use just enough to create a light haze. You can wipe the haze off carefully or just wait un till the warm breath on a cold shield clears it. Once it clears fully you will have fog free viewing all day.

Or get a helemet without a face shield ( said in my worst Scottish accent) " YA. BLOUSE WEAR'N POODLE WALKERS! But seriously the dawn soap works.

I haven't yet found a 100% effective method. Try not to breath out your mouth. Not fully latching it down helps. for SCUBA goggles spit in them and rub it in to dive. In this application not recommended.

I stick a plastic shopping bag over my head .... before I stick my helmet on ..... its a bugger with the glasses tho ...

I never wear full face helmet. I do exactly the same as Dennis, just a little dish wash...... and don't get heated, just take it easy!

I tilt the helmet a little forward to cut the air flow under the chin. It lets just enough air flow in the top edge of the visor to keep it clear for me plus I breath out my nose.

Hey Terry long time no see!

PinLock is the BEST!!!

I use Mr Sheen on the out side & inside of my visor & it seem's to work

I ordered Jaws Anti fog spray and let you know if it works

Oh dear ... looks like another shark attack on its way least you'll see it coming, may not be a good thing .... lol

Use some wax!

I wear a half helmet. No problems with fogging up.

I use the anti fog stuff from the welding store, Oxarc. IT works in my welding helmet and it works in the fullface I have. I don't wear that much. I like my 3/4 one best on fog issues with it ever.

I got the "Jaws" and it works pretty well, no shark attacks yet Smiley-wink

You can try the WeePro anti-fog visor insert. It works perfectly fine with my helmet. Never have any fog problem ever since.

I just spit in my on my visor and wipe around. NO fogging up ever.

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