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Howdy from Texas.

What's up? Glad to be here and looking forward to future discussions and learning from y'alls vast knowledge.



Howdy back from Texas Smiley-laughing
Glad your here. Hope you like the site

Thanks. I've been ghosting for a few weeks. Seems like a good group of guys.

And Gals Very Weird Hello Kitty Smiley

We try to have fun

Sorry ma'am

Where in Texas are you

Just north of Waco

Gee I just came through there last Thursday. I'm in San Antonio.

I'm jealous. I love the riverwalk

Don't be. When you live here going down town is like pulling teeth LOL
When I get back from my next ride maybe I'll buzz up


Welcome from Arkansas. Glad to have you on the site


Howdy Willy from Driftwood, TX!

Welcome to the community, from western Canada. You are right, there are a bunch of great people on here, from all over the world!

Howdy Hildr

Howdy Lendirk. Could you use some of this Texas heat up there?

Hey Willy.. nah, we’re okay for heat right now. Low +30’s C (88F to 97F) across southern Alberta. Supposed to be mostly like that for the next week, or more.... but thanks for offering!

Welcome Willy. I'm a bit northwest of you in Medford, OR. Not much knowledge wise from me unless you are talking woodworking or pharmacy. That is why I'm here to get info from others, have fun, and have met a number of them in person from all around the world.

We set a record 114 degrees a couple weeks ago.

Thank you.

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