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"HUMPED" by a Moped!

After working a 12hour shift in over 100F temps the other day, I walked out to the parking lot at work and discovered a 50cc moped having its way with my 1900 "Stratliner". (The wind had blown it over onto the front of my bike) Living up to my handle (Madcow), I stormed into the company office and demanded to know who owned the little #@%*^ orange moped; that was having it's way on the front of my bike. They informed me that they had no way of knowing since they didn't keep licence plate records of vehicles without plates. They asked if I would like them to call the local police (Barney Phife) to come over to fill out an accident report. I said no I just want the owner of the little #@%*^ bike to come out and let me kick his butt! Luckly one of my co-workers was sitting in the breakroom next to the office and heard my "agony" & came over and told me & the company "nitwits" who the owner was & they promply called him down to the office. After we seperated the bikes, which looked like "2 dogs in heat". we examined for damage. I origionally thought he had "scuffed-up" my windshield with his handle grip when it fell against my bike, but luckily it wiped off. I noticed his moped had a broken front fender, but he said that had happened when the wind had blown it over a couple of days earlier. We went our seperate ways, with me deciding that I would park in a differant area of the lot. only to find this little orange creature parked next to me the following week. So I moved to another spot, and the next da I come out of work and find my bikes attacker parked next to me again. And to make matters worse than they already could be, while cleaning the "Stato" a couple of days ago I noticed the windshield was cracked extending from one of the bolt holes on the windshield mounting bracket. DOE'S THIS GUY HAVE A "DEATH WISH"! Stay tuned to your local TV station for news of some motorcyclist from Indiana going "Postal" at his workplace. LOL




i would make him pay for it

I feel your pain! It's bad enough that "moped" and "scooter" owners do not have to tag them, or have insurance, or an endorsement, or training. In too many cases they are on them because their licenses have been revoked, or they are to young for a regular license, AND to add insult to injury, the driving public (cagers and bikers) have to follow them when they cannot even do the speed limit. I don't care if they have two wheels, this is one subject that really steams me!

Sounds to me like he has a death wish! What I can't understand is why he feels the need to park so close. He should just put the thing on its side everytime he parks it and save the trouble of it falling over!

HAY get a hold of Yahama they had a problem with the mounting brackets and they caused the windshields to crack. I have had three guys have had this happen and Yahama replaced the shield and mounting hardware. If you need the warrenty code I'll try and get it for you. I will see if Art still has the the information about this...BUT it's 50cc pitch the thing into the closest ditch.

He probably tells his friends that it's his Stratoliner parked next to the little Moped.

....Perhaps he decided to use your bike to protect his bike from the wind.....or if you cant own one, then park next to one and get the feeling that you own one and then if a part is broken, you can pay for the damage you caused.....cos there's no way in hell that he could out run the possible consequences... (Bastard !)

Are you all picking on scooterists? Some of us like them!

Nena, nobody's picking on scooters! The guy in question is riding a little moped that is so small it blows over in the wind! And he's goofy enough to park it close to others when he knows it blows over!

Thanks Bob! He should tie it up like a bicycle.

You're right Nena! I was having visions of the thing in a bike rack next to a few mountain bikes. The other option is that the guy should just automatically put it on its side when he parks since it will fall over anyway!

Don't anyone pick on Nena or her scooter !!! She has one hell of an army behind her !!!

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