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Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder

Yesterday, I lost all pressure on my cluth leever of my 2000 Suzuki VL1500. I have tried bleeding the line from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder and it has good pressure and clean fluid. I suspect that it's the slave cylinder that has gone bad. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!  




You didn't mention if you've replaced all the brake fluid (bled the entire system)? You didn't mention if you still had the same issue after you bled it? If you've never replaced the fluid, I would suggest you do - at least in the near future after you figure out if there is another issue or not first. This may sound odd, but If a bike is layed over for awhile you may initially have a soft brake until it's pumped a few times (don't ask how I know).

Was it really hot when it failed? I recall reading that these bikes have an issue with the hydraulic clutch fluid overheating as the hose runs over the top of the engine plus the slave cylinder gets heated up from the engine.
Or, maybe as you suspect, the seals in your slave cylinder have failed (is it leaking fluid?)

First thing to do is operate the clutch and make sure the slave cylinder is moving. If it is but doesn't move much it is a hydraulic issue and you have air in the system. If it moves a reasonable amount there may be collapsed springs in the clutch. When you bleed the clutch, make sure you close the bleed valve completely before you slowly let the lever return. You will need to do this several times to get all the air out. Never reuse brake fluid, always top up with clean fresh fluid.
It may also be a seized piston in the master cylinder. Can you engage a gear without the bike moving with the clutch lever engaged? Does the bike move when you release the lever? See if you can observe the piston in the master moving and returning. You may need to peel back a dust boot if there is one fitted.
Remember that brake/clutch fluid is hygroscopic, that is it will absorb moisture. It should be replaced every 12 months to prevent failure. If the fluid is clean and fresh it should cope with high temperature as brake get to a lot higher temperature than you would get from radiant heat from an engine. Let us know how you get on

how can i adjust clutch leaver comes out to far

From memory the only adjustment is the wheel on the lever. Have a look around here. there are some different levers you can get for them but basically they will all be the same.

I have a 2005 Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan classic The problem I am haven is when I pull the clutch and try to put it in gear it seems it goes in but as soon as I try to put it in 1st gear and let off of clutch it jumps and dies out could it be the clutch or the slave cylinder ? Thanks for any help.

Have an p5 Vulcan classic 1400 had problem with it feeling like it went in gear but when let clutch out other would jump & die. Had only rode about every couple months. Do to moving it has been garaged for 18mo.-2 yrs only rode 3 times during this time now clunch is in gear but don't want to shift or disengage.
Any help is appreciated

YES BIG PROBLEM ON BOULEVATS. THE 99% OF ISSUE ON CLUTCH IS OVERHEATED FLUID.Even with the 5.0 per example...... if you go to Daytona BikeWeek and Main Street is very slow you will lost the clutch. I love Suzuki but this is a big issue. Specially when you are with hundreds of bikes around and public with no place to go. BIG MISTAKE FROM SUZUKI.

My HAYABUSA is imposible to ride on Main Street, engine temperature go up to max. fan do not disipate heat fast enough on a slow ride stop n go for 6 blocks on 90 degree weather.

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