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Hyper charger

How good is a hyper charger on a nomad 1600. And do I have to have it dinoied or is it an easy hook up from the box. Is it worth the expense and time.





I fitted the Thunder kit to mine and it wasn't too hard if your reasonable capable, so I assume the Hyer Charger will be very similar.

I also have fitted Cobra pipes and Cobara Fi 2000 tuner and I do feel the bike performs better for it.

Thanks I have vanse and hinds pipes and commander chip. The place I bought the bike from said I needed to tune it on a Dino what do you think.

Hi, I have a 2006 vn1600 classic EFI ( NOT the nomad), I can NOT seem to find a hypergharger for my bike. Every[place I've called says that "accoding to Kurykan" they have stop making these for the 1600 efi. I was wondering if there were perhaps another vendor or some place I could come across one of these Heck I'll even buy a used one at this point!. I was told the part number was 9408. Please help! I'm desperate in finding one! Ive spent countless amount of hours searching the internet to NO avail!

I never had my dynoed but the Cobra is an auto tuner so wasn't needed. I think if you want the best out of it, Its worth doing with the commander chip.

I have the Thunder air kit and they seem no longer available either. It's getting old now so support for them is drying up.

If its the look that's driving you desire to get the air intake fair enough, however if your looking for performance its negligible really.

I just hate the 2 round cover on the sides of the bike (one for the air filter and the other throttle body cover) I was just looking to eliminate the left side all together. Do you think It will be possible to find another model of the hypercharger ( that's still in circulation) modified to fit my bike?

Yes, but why go to all the expense if you only want to change the looks?

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