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I’m back

well it’s been a long time since I’ve been on site.  It I heard bout a ride coming up on June 6-7 and came back to the site. Been a lot of changes since I was here last. I know own a 2003 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Limited 100 Anniversary. Love this bike. I’ll upload some pics later 



Welcome back.

Welcome back, Richard. Post more!

Welcome back Richard.

So are you going to join the Blueridge Parkway ride in June?

Hi RichardW - G'Day from the Snowy Mountains of NSW Australia - nice to have you here - Your Glide sounds like a nice ride - I used to have a '86 FLHTC - it was a fantastic Long Distance cruiser/tourer - Look after it and it will give you many happy miles - Guaranteed ....
Cheers - RIDE SAFE ...
frostbite (Greg)

Thanks bro

Planning a n it as long as everything goes as planed

Love this bike. I had a heritage soft sip but some clown didn’t know what a stop sign was. Came off I-81 exit 264 never stopped. Bike got totaled I got two shoulder surgeries. But this old bird is still riding

Hi Richard - I know when I first got my Glide in October '86 (around my 33rd birthday) , I was never off the thing - it was such a blast to ride and I loved the stereo, and the way the Volume turned itself Down when you slowed down was amazing - Just a Sheer Pleasure to RIDE ... and the Handling characteristics were phenomenal too - I used to surprise a lot of the sport bike riders up around the hills of north east victoria. Floorboard to Floorboard ripping around the twisty roads in the hills ... But that was when I was in my mid 30's and just loving the lifestyle to the Max ...
Now I am just old (65) and getting older but still very thankful to having my knees back in the breeze once again ...
Ride Safe ...
Greg (frostbite)

Looking forward to the up coming ride

Ride Safe - and I Hope it is a Real Blast for you too Smiley-laughing ...... Cheers....

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