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I’m new need serious help

Picked up a 2003 Vulcan E6 1500. Not run in 4 years. A previous owner I’m told, put a new 2nd year in it. Next one said he cleaned the carb but TPS Is cracked. I’ve tested TPS and it functions. All electronics work fuel pump works plugs are new and have strong spark. Coils test okay. Coil pickups and resistance test okay. Bike just turns and turns but doesn’t seem to fire. Plugs are clear and wet after cranking but no go. Any thoughts? I’m leaning toward a timing issue. Possible the igniter unit is f**d?
Any other advise is appreciated. Thanks all!




Hope this helps. Welcome ShooterJ. Glad you're here, frostbite.

No worries. Have a degree in electronics, a Cert from A.M.I. and a Soldering Inspectors Cert from NASA. Happiness is a good VOM. Heat causes expansion which could cause the dreaded swinging short. One of my instructors who had been at Suzuki R&D loved that term. Glad you are willing to pitch in.

Check these guys out for parts and location of the parts you may be looking for. GREAT information frostbite... You too Edwins as always..

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