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I get weird email. The beauty of oxygen depravation dain bramage is not remembering stuff. Anyhow, I got this so I thought I'd pass it along. Might be of use to someone.



Nah, I have my accomodation in Queensland sorted.

No need to book with them, you can stay at my place in Qld

Whar's your address Spratty....I'll be there in a couple of weeks. Lol

Thats good because I'll be in

Cool. I can house sit. Lol. Will be in Toowoomba visiting the little grand daughter.

The Queensland wine industry is almost non existent. Why bother going there??????

no comment

Spratty...what about the week after next? 11th of June.....nah, staying with our little grand daughter.

Are you riding up.

Len will be in Oz on the 4th June

No, car. We can’t take all the spoils for the grand daughter on the bike even with the trailer. Lol.

What did Queensland do to deserve you going up there??? Before you say your grand daughter, just think about why her parents moved up there!! Apart from that. How are you Mr toooooomanybikes Stapert? it has been a long time since we conversed on this convivial site!!

I'm well Mr Cole. You sound crissed as a picket.

Nah!!!!!! I drink in Moderation.

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