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I have MBS

I developed symptoms of MBS about 10 years ago. At first I was in denial, how could this happen to me? After a while I learned to cope with this horrible disease and I now proudly show the MBS badge on my profile ...

Any other members with MBS out there?




I use to have MBS but when the plates cost $600 each it cured me fast so now I have OOBS. (Only One)

MBS ? Multiple BEER Syndrome.............had it since 1975 !

Got to have Multiple Job Syndrome to have MBS and I'm way to old for that.

Right about that job is bad enough. If I could get by riding a bicycle , I would have " no job syndrome " !

I am suffering MBS but the 2nd, and 3rd bikes are cheap fun toys. I would be hanged if I tried 2 serious rides!!

You couldn't pack enough beer on a bicycle, oh but wait maybe a basket on the front and two in the back!!!!!!!

You poor fellow! Learn to cope? You are truly beyond denial! I would get into a 12 step program for this affliction immediately. This is a gateway addiction that can lead to a number of serious maladies with some rather costly side effects. Chromephylectic shock, Aftermarket itemitus, secret unhealthy desires to live at rallies, dry mouth, an unquenchable thirst for barley pops! Dare I go on? Get HELP man!

Now Phil , you have the same MBS that I do ! Why do you suppose God gave us two hands ?

I just cured my MBS .... now to start all over again !!!

Kenmode, Many things came to mind then but I won't go into them all now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Phil........Right beer hand , left beer mind wasnt in the "gutter " !

thanks for helping me come out Uwe ,Itoo have MBS and I think Vardy gave it to me .

Sorry Ken. I will keep my mind in check in future.!!
Hagar1, you can blame Vardy for only so long!!

Yeah Hagar. I've had MBS for many years. It sometimes decreases but then comes back...... 3 full rego bikes, 1 historic rego, 3 projects....and Coz's 650 to deal with at present. Mind you, at one stage there were 6 full rego bikes and a couple of cars when I was on my own. lol
I recommend that you all take something for it.....another bike seems to provide temporary relief.
Is there a new group coming....MBS Anon...
My name is Al and I'm a MBSaholic..... lol

Hey Uwe, When you come to Oz, can i stand next to you, so i can catch MBS LOL LOL LOL

Haven't got MBS but get MGB sometimes.

Hi I'm Beachy and I have MBS. I've had it most of my life and it is only recently when it started to take over my every waking moment. On a recent trip to Canberra I couldn't drive past a bike shop without going in to see what I could buy. I even had the ute prepped for a easy trip back, although I suspect Annie would have been driving that.
Annie has been helping me come to terms with my MBS and has taken the drastic step of taking ownership of one of my rides. I fear I need another now to fill the void and although it pains me to say it,I'm looking at a Meanie just lately. Please help me control my MBS! Smiley-wink

No need to take control of something positive in your life. If you are looking at a Meanie then it is a good thing. Tell Annie that you are getting it for her when she feels the need and you are just taking your time preping it. By the time she actually wants it you will want something different anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone else looking at a Meanie Phil ? Has to be a "fine " fellow ! Go for it dont hurt THAT bad !

This is one of those very rare and unique events in the history of mankind. I agree with you Ken.

Thanks Phil , they say " Great Minds Think Alike " .......dont believe they meant us , but we can always hope ! Considering what today is the anniversary of , I hope YOUR day is GREAT and SAFE otherwise my friend !

Thanks Ken. I reckon you and i could take the world by storm without any worries at all!! LOL. We'll see in 2014.

That we could ! Try and behave today....gotta , MAYBE !

Sorry Phil I talked myself out of the meanie now. I'm thinking now a yam 1100 might be the go or another Suzi but an M50 so my lady can ride it in the Barossa

Now the M50 is a great bike. I had one. Loved it Annie will love it too. Light. Mobile, agile and responsive. Great ride.

Im so glad you are talking about a bike this time and not your self.

Don't pick on Poor Phil,.......... That's my job LOL LOL LOL

I do believe just being interacting on this site has caused me to contract a form of MBS. It all started with just a lowly scooter to run errands on and save on gas price. But that really set fire to my wanting a motorcycle since 18 years old. I managed to resist til just last year. Finally bought the T. Speedmaster and said that would be the "only" motorcycle until I couldn't ride anymore. You guessed it, already looking to possibly buy the new T. Trophy coming out. This is where I vary from MBS, I would sell the Speedmaster to help pay for the Trophy. So may be what I have is NMMP (Need more motorcycle power). The scooter is sad because it is being sold and maybe replaced by a Honda Rebel.

Randy , Im glad thats ALL you caught is MBS from interacting on this site !

Adrian, I put the "MBS" badge on your profile too. Hagar, can you write reviews for your bikes?

Don't my Meanie and my little YL1 and the CBX 250 count!!! I'm shattered. I'll never be the same again!! My life as I know it is not worth living!! I did write reviews!!

Thanks Uwe. I guess it's out of The closet now Biggrin

Poor Phil He isn't feeling the love.

I've held off long enough; been silent; have been in denial ..... but ..... my name is Peter and I have MBS. Late onset compared to others here but it has taken hold and there is no end in sight. I have to keep re-arranging the garage to make room and am reaching the limits of space "allocated" to me . The Sportster Cafe will be here by the end of the year to join the Fat Bob, Speed Triple and Norton ..... and I feel this overwhelming urge to add a Ducati to the collection ..... and a Honda CB 750/4 ...... and, and, and aaaaargh, where is my mediaction!!??

This sounds serious. What precautions are there for us OBS members?

OBS ? "Outta Beer Syndrome " ? Well , Terry , Ive found out that when you go to the store , BUY twice the amount you intended on. That way , it saves two trips and doesent interfere with the drinking process. Hope this helps. For more info , contact James , Rick or Ron ..................I would say Phil , but all you will get from him is GRIEF and HEARTACHE !

That's harsh big fella.!! Sometimes I can give advice!!!

Calling me a "bloody idiot " is NOT giving out advice !!

Oh!! Are you sure??? I thought it was.

Yes, I have MBS... and it's terminal!
I picked up another one Monday and plan no picking another up on Sunday... that will take to my Garage's & Shed's limit. 9 will be the count on Sunday if all goes according to plan.
In progress: 1974 Yamaha TY250A
In the Garage:
1981 Honda CM400
1995 Suzuki DR125
2003 Honda VTX 1300S
2006 Honda GL1800
2007 Viva 200
2007 KTM 450exc
2008 BMW R1200GSA
2009 KTM 950se

9??????????????????? That's a classic case of OCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gees! Kyle. I hope it's not contagious.

When I prepare to do "The Big Lap" (ie the circumnavigation of Australia) I will be deciding between the range of adventure bikes from KTM, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda and BMW. So i guess that's another one to add to the stable in the medium to longer term. Although it is probbaly about three yars away, I am already sowing the seeds with the Secretary for Domestic Affairs.

Anything above 5 is rubbing it in or bragging. LOL. Like I said before, if I had the money, I would have twice as many as Kyle. I would be the Jay Leno of motorcycles. Speaking of, how many does he have?

I knew I'm not along ...
Please review your bikes in the "motorcycle reviews" section before receiving the MBS badge, nice bribe, eh? Smiley-wink
Randy, I just read about the Trophy, pretty interesting bike. The new FJR is coming out soon as well, too many choices ...

Kyle I also have a TY250 in my shed same year I bought it new in 1974 for $990.00 aud plus a little more for rego, Stamp Duty etc. Not in Very good condition left it at an uncles farm for about 12 years and was abused by all and sundry one day I may get around to restoring it. I had so much fun with this bike.

Yeah, vintage trails is a new venture I am looking at getting into. It's like the two wheel version of 4x4 rock crawling...

They are certainly a little different to the new styled trials bikes but in there day they were very versatile.
I had a lot of fun with my mates who also owned TY's and learnt so much with plenty of falls and bruises but all good.

Uh huh .... so that accounts for it Buddah .... perhaps a few knocks to the head along the way!!??

I've had MBS for years....................
I'm 56 yrs old, The day I was old enough to legally ride on the road (16 yrs & 9 months)
I got my learner's Permit and on the same day In February 1973,
I bought my first Honda a 1972 CB250 K4, and I still have it, although it's not running and in poor condition..............That's 39 years & 5 months of ownership!
Is this some kind of record in the CCC books?
In 1979 I bought a 1978 Honda CBX1000 six cylinder and I still own that.
That's 33 years I've owned the CBX!
I own an average condition 1971 Honda CB250 K3,
I own an immaculate 1972 Honda CB250 K4,
I own an immaculate 1970 Honda CB750/4 K1,
I own an Immaculate 2007 Harley-Davidson, CVO, Screamin' Eagle, Softail, Springer, FXSTSSE, 1800cc,
I own an immaculate 2008 Honda VTX1800C.........( THE BEST BIKE OF ALL)
I just recently sold my immaculate 1973 Honda CB350G......with ony 7,000 original miles on the speedo.
Does this warrant me to have a MBS tag?
Personally I prefer to think of MBS as an affliction or syndrome rather than a


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