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I need some more help

I've got the exhaust all waxed up and ready to install.  But I noticed another issue.  Those white stickers on the lower left rear frame, and on front middle inside upwards frame.  They are white and don't look good on my bike, and I can never get my head close enough to read them.  So my question is any reasons why I shouldn't remove them, and if so, whats the best way to do it.  Has anyone else remove them?




I use this stuff Drew, don't know if it's available in US... It's from HG and it really works without damaging the paint. HG makes a lot of cleaning products and it's a real good and safe product to use...

Not sure what those stickers are in the US. Over here they are usually associated with compliance of the motorcycle so do need to be left on (although many owners do remove them)

There is no inspection of bikes in my state, so compliance isn't an issue.

Wow ... no bike inspections !! I'd love that. Customisation involving frame, front forks and engine would be an absolute breeze not having to get the bike inspected by the local DMV.

This website is asking to pick the best answer, but doesn't have any buttons to click on to do so. So it will just have to stay a mystery.

I used a hair drier to get the glue soft and they just peeled off. Same with the one on the fuel tank.

I bought some Gorilla black tape. I'm just going to cover them up with the tape. If ever an issue, I will remove tape. Of course if the tape annoys me I will just remove the labels completely. One of the labels has my Vin number on it so that might be an issue, aldough, I think its also engraved on my neck of my Frame. But I have covered that up as well with chrome.

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