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I need to understand what happened to my Mean Streak after a winer storage!

Hello everyone, i would apreciate if someone could hepl me understand what is wrong with my Mean Streak after i took it out of winter storage...

My bike was stored in the garage for one month basically but the garage was pretty damn cold and the temperetures were -20C for 2/3 weeks only... I took my battery out before storing my bike, made sure everything was done properly, i even wrapped up my bike with some blankets Smiley-laughing (call me nuts..but..well, you know :P

To get straight to the point... my bike lost power and torque! While starting in first ger behaves like freaking dead horse,second third gear too Am able to ride it and shift and all but its kinda suffocating and the ruMbling of the exhaust is even louder i mean deeper, its got a low start its not pulling strong as it use to... 

Does it have to do with exhaust seals? Did it cracked somewhere because of minus temperetures? 

Is it my fuel? Water? Cables? i have no ide....

I just thought to ask before calling a mechanic who will take a look at it...

Thank you guys i appreciate any comment Flat Fields



Not being up on temperatures that are that far off the bottom of the scale, I can only guess. I will assume that you have  some external method of warming the oil? I might suggest that you get an electric heated wand/thermostat that will fit into the oil filler and down into the sump - itdoesn't have to be thick about the thickness of a knitting needle. bring the oil up to near operating temp. and try again. The other things are just as you mentioned maybe cracked inlet / exhaust seals. I'd also poke a bit of wire up the exhaust to make sure that no little critters have made a winter home up there!

That's my uneducated guess.

My educated guess is - call your local service manager!

was you tank full of gas when you put it up . if not you may have water in trouble   tanks not full blued up water  try some sea form  in the tank but frist drain the old gas out   and check the plugs

Thx guys, i never thought about build up water in the tank for that short period of time, well my tank wass 1/3 full when i put it away, it was almost on reserve and it was for one month only and i thought, well its not a biggy it wont turn jelloish, well what am gonna do is to drain and replace my oil and filters completely, drain my tank re fill it... i hope has noting to do with cracked exhaust or something or even something major... I'll let ya know Smiley-laughing thx again. I know How to do all these light service repairs myslef but am not a mechanic for sure Smiley-laughing Thx again

One more thing to try - when you put in fresh fuel, there is a new additive (available at auto parts stores) to help "freshen up" a fuel system.  One of the companies that makes it is Sta-bil that makes the fuel stabilizer.  If there is any gum or varnish in the fuel system hopefully this will clean it out.  It doesn't take long for gasoline to break down and when it does it makes a mess.

maybe a bit more info about your bike...year, is the exhaust stock, FI or carb,

I remember when I hooked up my cobra Fi2000 the wrong way and started up the bike, your description sounds like how my bike ran, cause it was only firing on one may have a bad plug or bad wire...pull the plugs and check them, put in fresh gas/oil/fluids and see if that makes a difference

the bike is 2004 Mean streak VN 1600, FI with custum exhaust sinceee 2006 working like a charm, i have a TFI on it for years, basically it was a regular taking the battery out, draining oil...witer storage thing, as i said, "winter storage" for about a month coz i ride year round! except on snow.

I'll check the plugs too... much appreciated! thx! Lol

I'll try that fuel stabilizer too for extra cleaning too 

Ninety percent chance its your gas, the seals are copper and shouldn't be a problem, even just adding in a full tank of hi test, might correct it, In the future fill the tank, add in fuel stabilizer, take it for a little ride to mix it up somewhat, keep the engine idiling where you are going to store it, and shut off your petcock letting the fuel run out of the carb,,

Oops, didn't realise it was fuel injection, same principles apply,,

Some gas line anti-freeze doesn't hurt either,,

Thnk you sir Smiley-laughing I will do that first...

Great tips from all these guys.  My guess is the fuel.  But just on the off chance, if you have the factory air filter, all enclosed, check that to see if any critters built a home in there for the month you had it parked.  Just a thought and it's easy to check.  Good luck with and sure hope you don't need to call the doctor on it.

Thank you kindly...I'll perform a good early spring maintenance on it for sure Lol and I'll you know what was the cause for the issue Smiley-laughing coz someone might end up with the same problem later who knows Smiley-laughing thx

Don't use blankets to cover...they keep moisture in

Yes, it was bad fuel! Probably froze and conensed water made all the mess inside, I ran some nice high-octane fuel through and everything is back to normal, "Italian throtle" always help Lol

Ok ok i wont blanket my bike anymore :P

Thank you guys again! Much appreciated!


When I put my bike away for the winter (here, that's from November until April), I put a battery tender on it and put fuel stabilizer in a full tank of premium gas. Come spring.... No problems!

...and the only cover you need is one you buy either at your local dealers, or through Cruiser Customizing, that is designed to keep the dust off, but has fabric that "breathes" to prevent moisture condensation or trapping.

@lendirk Thank you Lol

@lendirk Thank you Lol

Hello from FRANCE

Well its been said " Motion Lotion " when you put your bike to bed for winter dont forget the tank and carb as unleaded leaves a film on the surfaces which in cold weather changes its chemical status and turns to jet blocker, this applies to all vehicles if the tank is not moved for a while, keep it moving, use it or lose it.

I have hade it and it needs a complete strip down and clean and after a tank of fresh clean petrol.


Keep the grey coming long and slow

Tony aka EnglisshWatch My Back

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