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I really messed up. Oil filter

Ok. So in my haste to change the oil in my 1100 v-star, I put the filter in backwards. Got the bike back together, rode for 73 miles, then..... it started making loud noise from the rear cylinder. I know, I know... what a lame thing to do. So, I pulled over immediately, called a friend, and trailered it home. Well, what do you guys think I should do? Take the chance and replace the rear jug and piston, or have i really messed up the whole engine?  Suggestions?

Oh, and I will be posting the location I'll be standing so everyone can ride by and laugh/throw stones at me. 



A lot of people snickered when I suggested buying a mechanic's endoscope but this is when one would come in handy. It would let you look thru the sparkplug hole. Loud noises usually mean something broke. Drain the oil and strain it thru cheesecloth to look for metal bits. If there is metal, things are bad.
USDSUQ aka Drew posted a series of pictures with explantion on pulling his engine to fix an oil leak on his V-star. With the rear cylinder and head removed you would be able to assess the damage. It would be advisable to pull the front cylinder and install at least; new rings to keep the compression close to equal for both cylinders.
Pull it down and look. If you can fix it then go ahead. If it's a total loss, at least your're ready to install a replacement.

Thanks for the plug Edwins. I am a bit confused by the filter issue. I would put the filter in correctly. Put new oil in and try starting it.Giving it a chance to lubricate. If it is still making noise after the oil moves around, I would try to see if I can identify the sound whether it is piston rod or rings. I don't know if the rear cylinder was deprived of oil or not. It may lubricate and run well. Some damage may of occurred. If it is bad you will know. Cylinder and new rings would be the fix, but make sure you read up on how to do that if you are going to attempt it. The piston rod is a pain to replace so lets hope it's not that. Edwins and I can point you to the how to's if you ask.

can the filter even go in backwards? would seem like the covers wouldn't fit right.
buying and ork sure would have saved you money in the long run

it can if you're in a hurry. ugh.

Like DREW and Edwins said drain the oil and check for chunks or high silver content. if nothing replace the filter and oil start the engine and let it run ,listen for any unwanted sound. Then get excited. You may just have starved the lifter of oil and they make a lot of racket when run dry. Then the rockers make tons of noise and they sound like hell rattling up and down a million times a second. Do the easy thing first Change the oil and filter Then listen to the engine.I just might not be as bad as it sounds.

Drained the oil the other day. Looked like i could see super fine metal sparkling in the oil. Let it settle a few days, and checked tonite. Sure enough, aluminum sediment in the bottom of the catch basin. Went ahead and changed the filter and oil and started her back up. Fired right up, and at idle, sounds fine. BUT when you rev her at all... sounds like the banshees from Hades. Metal on metal at 3K rims isn't pretty. So, suggestions. Well, besides taking a BIG hammer to my forehead.

You need to identify where the noise is coming from. And what it sounds like what it is. Is the sound coming from the cylinder, valves, or from the crank case. This will help you figure out what it could be. If possible make a video, with sound, of it and post it to this website so we can give you some suggestions of what it is. You will have to remove the engine to make repairs, or put in a new engine, if it is cylinder or valves. Here is the how to remove and engine and re-install:
In the description it will tell you how to go to the next page and so on

I have one of these.
Easy to use and cheap to buy.

Well, just gave it another listen. both cylinders are making a scraping sound.

I take it the bike make this sound while riding it, not just revving it in neutral. If this is the case:
1. The mud flap is rubbing on the tire
2. The midshaft nut is loose or shaft miss-aligned.

Still researching.

the best way to describe the sound is the sound of a metal lathe. Yeah. death.
I've begun the search for a new engine.

Sorry , I know how it feels when the ride is messed up. Are you going to do it yourself? How many miles was on it and what year?

2005 with 28,500. A BRAND new rear tire.

I'm planning on doing it myself. My dad was a motorcycle mechanic back in the 70s, and will probably assist. He was blown away with all the help YouTube is today, when I used it to help me replace the starter clutch gear.

OK just go slow and methodical when doing it. Always here if you run across a question. Good Luck

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