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I Think I've Found My Next Mid Life Crisis


Another mid life crises? You found one AGAIN? LOL

It would be fun Gert.

It does look like fun

I could see it scooting along the freeway during rush hour. I was wondering if it is real so I started looking and found this. Note that it mentions using the same drive setup for motorcycles. Now, I have to win the lottery and buy me a flying bike. Roads, what roads? We don't need no stinking roads. ROTFLMAO.

With all of the talk about it, it sounds like it isn't going to be cheap. Most will have to probably buy it on payment plan just like my Bird., but unlike my Bird, I will be able to join the birds.

Just wait the military will buy that up. Real storm troopers. The would be loads of fun. Quite a flight time 5+min. The Jet pack in the 60's was only about 30 seconds.

looks like fun but i could see my killing myself on one of those

That would be fun.

Awewome speed he was getting, fun toy this MLC number 5 or 6?

It cant be number 5 Al... He still looks like a youngster!!! LOL

It will be 5 Al.

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