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IMPORTANT WEBSITE UPDATE: May Content Restored from Backup

Hi all,
I want to follow up on the issues from last week - all of May's content disappeared from the site. We do have daily backups however for reasons that are still unknown the backup didn't include that content either. Eventually the hosting company located a backup with all the missing content and they just restored it. Unfortunately all of the content from the past 6 days in June has been overwritten, including any member signups.

I'll keep a close eye on the new backups to make sure we can restore from a backup more quickly in case this happens again.

Sorry for the inconvenience




We're back!! Yahoo.. Thanks I've!!! The great melt down of 2016 will go down in history

Thanks Uwe. Now everyone can get back to the fun

And there is joy in Mudville!

As my Dad always told me there is not a machine made that won't breakdown at sometime. So true.

Stupid spell check... Uwe..

Thanks !!

To err is human, to really screw it up takes a machine

That is true Ben G.

I can't tell on my phone but I think some of my new stuff is lost in the wind. Good thing I have backups Smiley-laughing

Yeah Valerie, I just re posted a video, that didn't get posted at all. Said it did but never found it on the site. There's a pic I think we'er gonna have to post again

Hell gives us something to do when we ain't doin nothing

Good news Uwe. Glad there were backups.

Good news!! Thanks Uwe.

The absence of engagement on the site over the past week has shown me just how much I enjoy communicating with y'all. :0((

On we go ... transmission has recommenced!

so glad things are working again, I was starting to have some serious withdrawal symptoms.

Great news Uwe! Thanks for getting everything back where it should be. This is a great forum with a lot of good people. Nice to have it all back! Smiley-laughing

I wasn't sure what that plug was for....oooops!

Hey Dub ... didn't they have electricity in your village .... LOL!!

Yes they did Vardy!..One plug and time share...LOL!

Thanks Uwe !
Thats Good Work, Good news !
I was starting to feel a little lonesome up here in "the wild" ! Smiley-wink

You are a guru UWE. Now we just need to find someone who knows what they are doing to look after the site on a daily basis. Any ideas???

Hi Phil, careful, careful, there is a big "delete user" button on your account that I might click by accident, lol Smiley-wink

A few of us have taken up a collection for you Uwe to delete Phil. Smiley-laughing

Awww I think Phil means well, Let's give him another chance Smiley-laughing
Say Sorry Phil. Smiley-laughing

I'm with Valerie. Give him another chance

Oh no I'm out ! I'm the hardware guy. Make me work on the server would be like giving a monkey a gun.

You'd do better than me Capt. all I could do is feel for a pulse and try to find where to put the thermometer

You are Way too shy both of ya ! Smiley-laughing

I am always careful your Uweness.

You coming to the Not The CCC rally next year??? There are great beers and some new ciders here now. We might be nice and try and keep,you sober this time if you do. I said "might".

Where's that button?

Don't tell him!!! He can never resist pushing a button!!

I want to push it, LOL

If you do you will be a bad boy and get no desert tonight

Its been raining for 40 days here, I could use some desert Smiley-wink

LOL OK so I forgot an s...... I'm sure someone will find it

So BA do we start calling you Noah??

Valerie we got plenty of "s" here in our roads. You'll just have to come up here and steal one.

I think that's what the seagull did to my bike.

and what was that Capt, did the seagull put an S in front of hit and that was what you found on your bike?

Pelicans are worse ... their dump will fill the back seat of a convertible ... saw it happen ... and it smelled like rotten fish ... which is, of course, what it was!!

And exactly what does bird crap have to do with this discussion, It felt like they were crapping on me when the sight was down.

No worries it washes off.

Lol. You guys crack me up....oh, just report Phil, I'll second the motion.

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