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Indian Owners Australia

As you know, Competition Accessories (CC) don't ship to Australia but I decided to see what they had for my Scout.
They have an OEM list including assembly drawings with itemised parts list. If you use your mouse wheel when on a parts picture you can zoom in on any part of the assembly.
This is almost as good as having a workshop service manual.
The link below is for my Scout and I've tried it with the Chief Classic as well.




Go to OEM Parts for all bikes if you need info.

I also use thier exploded pictures like a microfiche to check part numbers as alot of TS111 parts are interchangeable from model to model.
It also helps when looking for "bargains" on ebay because Indian always seems to be changing part numbers.

That is very handy Tezza, try also Partzilla as they do ship to Oz. There parts listing is very exstensive.

Yes Dave. Have used them. Good service etc.

Couldn't find any Indian parts.

I just had some oem parts delivered from Partzilla good service.

I found a similar site for my Honda Fireblade.

I use the exploded pics on Motogrid. Part numbers and their USD cost. The 4 big Jap brands. Not sure about Indian etc

It's a great way of finding the right parts.

Tezza I find the same thing with the Triumph, very hard to locate parts other than from the dealers

Edwins thumbs up. they have it all

Yep. Looks like a winner!

No Indian there either.

Thanks Edwins. I found it in the first link you sent by going to home page.

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