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Indian safety recall


Hey Peter,
I have but thank you for sharing as there is a lot of Indian owners that haven't & it an extremely important recall.

The inlet is too close to the exhaust on the horse?

These things happen
Its good to see Indian (polaris) is remaining transparent & standing by their products

Customers being looked after. That's what it's all about.

I mis-read your post Terry ... at first glance I thought you said "... what's that about ..." !!

Are you having a night cap Pete? Smiley-wink

Only a light ale as I toss the meat around the barbie

Ouch that'd hurt....

Spratty.....not his.....
Does Barbie mind having shrimp put on her? Maybe Ken eats it...

Only saw this today. Just bought a new Indian on Saturday, I hope they check it for this problem before I pick it up in a few days time.

Congratulations on your purchase Norman.
Indian did put a freeze on all sales until the stock being sold was repaired.
But it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Sly dog Norman, retiring the Drifter?

Congrats on the new Indian.....ok I'll ask which one did you get.... Smiley-laughing

One that looks like a Drifter Spratty.

all do Al but which one. except the scout

my guess is the Springfield

Congrats Norman ... where are the photos ?

Thanks guys.

Firstly, the Drifter will not be sold, will never be sold and will remain my main solo ride for as long as I ride.

Secondly, my wife has decided that she will not be riding anymore so I will be selling her bike [anyone want to buy it?] and using the funds to part pay for the new Indian.

Thirdly, I will be asking the question re the recall but they are certainly on top of it. I just should have know to ask when I was buying, my fault.

Lastly. I do not pick it up until next Saturday so no actual pictures yet. It will look almost identical to this one: .

Sorry Sptratty you were wrong, it is the 2017 Roadmaster in the Willow Green over Ivory colour combination. . I am getting the stage 1 exhaust with fishtails, a heat reflector for the engine and the pull back handlebars. I came very close to the Chieftain in the Silver Smoke colour which looks awesome [except the bit just under the seat] but the deciding factor was the rear seat for Trish, she liked the lounge chair on the Roadmaster and her comfort was the sell point.

Happy trails to both of you Norman!

Awesome bike choosen Norman. The Roadmaster is king, very nice bike to ride and that colour is very tasty..

Trish will love the heated seat in your colder climate, best part the saddle bags and reat trunk come off fairly easy.

Looking forward to a pic with you both on it...

Tanks. They told me yesterday that it will be delayed a week, bugger.

Congrats on your new purchase Norman. It looks awesome.

Why the delay, that surley will justify a Indian jacket being thrown in. My mate Mark got a free Jacket when he bought his scout.

Apparently they only allocated 5 in this colour for Australia [I ought 4 but apparently it is 5] and I got the last one which is still awaiting delivery to their warehouse. I was trying to get their Thunder Air upgrade in lieu of a jacket but still negotiating. The extra week does not phase me.

worth the wait Norman, from the experience with my mate Mark, they don't like giving anything away, but just keep at them

A fuel line to close to the engine is a easy fix.

I still need to take the Green Beast in for this little fix. Congrats on the new ride Norman!

Thanks. It is keeping me happy.

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