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Infernal turn signals

Hey folks,

Any idea why my turn signals won't work? When I turn the bike on, the front turn signals turn on and stay on without blinking. Both front lamps light up, the back lamos don't, and absolutely nothing blinks.




First thing, check your bulbs. Make sure they are all good
Second check your fuses
Third check the relays.
From there things get interesting Smiley-laughing

First, you have to know which one you have.
The turn signal module (TSM) has two major functions•
Control turn signals•
Serve as bank angle sensor.
The optional factory-installed Harley-Davidson Smart Security System (H-DSSS) includes a Hands-Free Security Module (HFSM) which provides the same functions as the TSM, but also includes security and immobilization functions
Check out how to reset the module. Could be an easy and free fix.
If not, let us know and we will look some more.

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