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Installing an ORK ...Please Help!

I've broken down and puchased the Baron Oil Relocation Kit for my V Star 1100. I was going to do a stock oil change last weekend and thought what the heck, I might as well put the relo-kit in...I picked it up this week, then, after looking online for some installation tips I came across a slew of reviews from sites such as epay, amazon customers and various blogs - with complaints of leaky and failing lines, leaky fittings, having to take the front pipe off 3 times to fix issues (on the origional install!)...and adding everything from non hardening form-a-gasket to teflon tape, tightening fittings - and breaking fittings in the process! - not to mention restricted flow rates!?? Now I am deer-in-the-headlights about even installing this thing. Any tips or reassurance would be extremely helpful before I decide to rip half of my sled apart to install this thing! (btw- I have noticed that the fitting to the housings have teflon tape already installed)  




Gee Gordo, I would be the same
I don't think I it

Thanks Val...I have the o rings and a stock filter as well...I rip it down and then see how brave ill be...

You're a braver soul than I my friend

The one I have on my '05 custom has given me no problems. It's funny how people blame the equipment for their screw-ups. I will be putting one the my classic.

i put on a barons, the hoses leaked within a year, its because of the swivel oil fitting the rubber seal lining wears out, mine was right to the metal. i bought phat hoses from "phat performance" used high heat permatex thread sealer to put the bungs in, the hoses are held on by a chrome covered hose clamp , they dont leak anymore. when installing make sure the oring are in the right place. its just like changing the oil, instead of a filter your putting something else in the hole.

check youtube im sure someone has a video of install.

i will send a pick if i find one.

I have installed several for friends. I use Hydraulic locktite. It's brown not red or blue. After installing the fittings tightly and making sure the o'ring is in the correct location tighted up everything. I never had any leak.The bikes are still running around here. It sure beats taking the exhaust off every time you change oil.

plus with some modification you an put the yamaha cover back over it.

Thanks for all the advice ... I installed it on Saturday... took it out for a bit and placed cardboard under it leaks ...checked all up under and no signs of leaks (been busy and chilly here so I haven't been back out) ... I noticed that the threads into both housings had plumbers tape, so maybe this is something new they have added as a fix? Only time will tell ... I reefed the fittings at both the housings prior to putting them in and then double wrenched the hose fittings to be sure that the lines didn't twist or kink...I didn't use locktite, however if I do get a leak I may have to...funny how after reading all the blogs on the net, that some have worked fine as a straight install without any sealers, others have failed miserably from the get go or later on...I figure this item has 1 shot, with maybe 1 fix...after that it will go up on the wall as an expensive piece of wall art - and the stock cover will go back on. If this was a known flawless product/install I would definitely mod and reinstall the cover

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