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Interactive Member Calendar

Wayne raised a pretty good point: the member calender isn't updated frequently enough to be useful. Plus it's kind of hard to find (go to CC, click on "my bike" and then "member calendar"). I know it takes a lot of time to produce the calendar, I would estimate at least half a day each month.

We could probably move the member calendar feature to this community site if we change the format a bit. I wouldn't look as "snazzy" and custom as in the past. We could setup a "calendar grid" where a member picture is shown for each day of the month. The picture would link to the member profile but there wouldn't be a custom background like it does now. So you couldn't use the calendar as a screen saver or background image but I don't think many people did that anyway? Please correct me if I'm making a wrong assumption ...

We could either pick members automatically, for example show members that signed up in the last 30 days. Otherwise we would need a volunteer that picks members manually for each day of the month.

Just give it a thumbs up if you are in favor of moving the calendar here and comment below if you would like to have members picked automatically or manually. 




I think automatically works Uwe, that way everyone will be checking to see if they are on the calendar.

Auto select sounds good.

Yeah Im a bit slow on the uptake yes I think the auto with new members and fill up with old ones if necessary would be good. I was thinking that it would not be downloadable all ok im on the right page now

Just so I can find it easy is what I'm after big man.

Auto pick sounds good here!


Im for "ANYTHING " that helps me get a NEW T-shirt...............HOLIDAYS are coming up , and I want to look my BEST ! By the way UWE , did I tell you about the AMAZING job your doing ?

Auto pick

Hi Ken, sorry, I don't have any T-shirts - other than my own, they are all a bit worn out but if you are size XL I'll be happy to send you one Smiley-wink
Otherwise you'll have to hit up Kyle or anyone else from the CC team Smiley-wink

Auto pick sound's good

Don't mind, wasn't sure how it worked before (manual or auto pick), but I do like the calendar and if I knew it was updated more I'd download it when it was available. So sounds good to me.

Yes auto for me ,Uwe.

Auto....can't drive manual.....

& Here i was thinking you were multi talented Als

I have the same talent, many times.

I just have to ask...why have "Inactive" member calendar? Wouldn't an Active member calendar be more popular?

I think we could easily fill a calendar with just "smartypants" members ROFL

You talkin'to me? You talkin' to me?

Thats OK UWE....I appreciate the thought..............I know you would give the "shirt off your back " , but Im fine ! I am An XL , but Im really good ! I just like to see if any one is a bigger "ass kisser " than me..................apparently not...............your a good man ! Just messin around as usual ! XL will work though! Will send you a "souvenir " as well...( you all dont have " sniffer doggs " at CC do you ?

I would support auto. I would also support someone shooting Kenmode. Not violently, just quickly and accurately!!!!!!!!!!

I commented on a recent calendar topic..... and offered to do the calendar. I often use it as a wallpaper. So if someone can show me how to start, I'll give it a go.

That would be Uwe's domain Tezza, probably best to send him a PM

I thought it was Kyle's.

Tezza I would help mate if thats any help?

You are probably right there Tezza but maybe with the new site it will be one of Uwe's things to do now

I would support auto. I would also support someone shooting Kenmode. Not violently, just quickly and accurately!!!!!!!!!! ...............Phil.............dont make me have to look behind my back the rest of my life !

Great Idea Als about calendar

Sorry KM. Didn't mean to make you nervous. Just dead.

Oh Dear DEADMODE that surely not good !

Hi Tezza,
that's very kind of you. But it's a very manual process that probably takes 4-5 hours every month. It requires photoshop, HTML image maps, ftp file uploads, spreadsheets to keep track of who has been featured already - all 1990's technologies Smiley-wink
Automating it would probably the way to go unless everybody really wants to use the calendar as screen safer or background image?

How about putting them on the background instead of the grey chequer plate

Now that you've explained it Uwe, auto looks like the way to go.

Sounds like auto is what the majority is in favor of !

I'm for Auto as well Smiley-laughing

I'm for auto...don't like manual anymore.

I was thinking about how to do that. Maybe we'll just randomly pick photos from any member that has been active in the past few months?

I miss the calendars, every time I go look for one it's still the last month calendar.

Yep. Just be random.... like my comments. lol

Picking members randomly who have been active recently sounds like a good approach Uwe

AnnieO has a good idea............if you make the calender , you get a FREE T-shirt to " 1) wear with pride for the NEXT months calendar
2) Promote CC ( free advertisment )
3) show UWE that , no matter what , your not above doing a litte "brown nosing " to get a shirt to support CC !
4) Your a " cheapskate and would rather spend your money on BEER than a new shirt !

Yes random pick of active member's is deff way to go

Thats just what I was thinking Allan................except you forgot the FREE shirts !

Ken, I would wear my NEW t shirt every where....if I was to get one. wink wink!!!
I'm still waiting to get some business cards I can carry just to hand out to people that ask where I got that part or this part. I figure if I can give them a card, they have it ion their wallet. If I just tell them about CC, all they remember is my ugly mug.

Now there's an image that you don't want to remember or share

Hey Ken, I didn't know I had come up with such good ideas!!!! Biggrin

Good point Al. They were supposed to materialise a couple of years ago weren't they??

What were they before material Phil ???

just a mental thought!!!

lol very good I thank you for that enlightenment.


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