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International Converter Tool

We are a very international community and sometimes use different words and measurements. I finally found a great online conversion tool to add to the site that will help us understand each other better when we talk about Fahrenheit, millimeters, cubic inch, etc ...
I added links to the International Conversion Tool to the Help page and to the footer of every page.
Let me know if I missed anything ...




Grrrrreat Uwe!!!
Thanks... Now I understand that 40 degrees is not so much....

Marek, here are the International cold riding temperature levels....cold, damn cold, frickin cold, cold look when you forget her birthday (no international conversion required)


I thought Beachy was a converter TOOL, Well, a tool of some sort anyway. Yahoo *yahoo* Yahoo

Thanks Uwe - very handy - saves Googling conversions.

OK, I'll play your little game - How does this thing work? - a bunch of places to stick numbers, but no GO button.....confused, (my middle name)
...and I use Firefox and it won't work.
Uh works with Internet Explorer, (thats a bugger!)

Hey Phill, maybe your browser is the issue?
I use Firefox and if I put a figure in 1 field the others automatically get completed.
Also works in IE version 9.

Yes... an American friend was here a couple of years ago and she remarked that she had to get her "fanny pack" ... I said we call them bum bags here... she was a little embarrassed when I explained the difference. lol

I tried it Uwe but I couldnt find the "Almost a pint glass" conversion

Pretty cool.

Really like it, thanks!

Beachy, look under thimble!!!!!!!!!

You're too generous with that description Phil. lol

I'm new to this tribe. This July, I rode 1100 miles in 21 hrs for my Iron Butt badge. Waiting for my certification. i see a lot of familiar names here. Hi to all.

The converter tool is great idea. I like it.

1100 miles? Don't you "only" have to ride 1000 to get the certificate?

To get home he may have needed to do the extra 100miles!!!!

Did 10% more to allow for odometer error?

OOoooh, very good thought!

Great idea! Of course it took me several months to see it - I need to pay attention more!

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