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intruder 1500 clutch replacement.

I just bought a 2001 intruder 1500 for a good price from a friend. runs great just needs a new clutch. I just ordered a Barnett clutch kit including plates and springs for $142 including delivery From eBay and an oem gasket. I also bought a new oil filter and oil form local shop. 

Im going to do the clutch next weekend, and have never done one before. I did watch a video of a boulevard c50 clutch being done and it doesn't look too difficult, but I don't think it was hydraulic. 

do I need to adjust the clutch after replacing? If so any tips or links to video would be appreciate. 
is there any tips that anyone has on the actual replacement?
Do I need a jack or is it possible to do on the concrete? 
Is there anything else I need?

thank you in advance for any information.

I'm excited to get my bike out on the road.




This is for the 98-2000 bikes but it'll give you a start.
and 2005
It's important to realize that you both a master and slave clutch cylinder with fluid lines. Check fluid levels. If low, you probably need closer inspection. The lines may also need replaced.

PS, piece of advice, Put an old blanket under the bike as springs have a way of making bits launch.

When I did mine...a vstar 1100...I install heavier duty springs as is was an option. If you have that option, I would do that it makes the shifting solid. I did it off the kickstand. Pretty straight forward. No adjustment needed at cables, but always good to do it. Hydrolics, I would think that if it install doesn't require messing with hydrolics, I wouldn't mess with them at this time.

Barnett Extra Plate Clutch Kit - Kevlar 307-30-10013
by Barnett Performance Products
$ 142 31
More Buying Choices
$142.31(27 new offers)
I installed a clutch set from these guys and what difference that made. With the pressure plate and frictions and steels it was cheaper than stock. I was blowing through 3rd gear on a regular basis. I bought the kevlar frictions. The pressure plate comes with three sets of springs os you can adjust to pull you like. I installed the 380 lb pull. It sounds like a bunch but it's not too bad while at the stop light. Look them up they have sets for your bike

Thank you all for your responses. I am going be installing clutch as soon as I get it. I'll let you know results and maybe take a few pics to share.

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