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It's been awhile !!

Hey guys....its been awhile since I popped in !!

Hope you all are well....and are having a great new year !!

I've been busy with work..still haven't purchased another bike as yet...hopefully later in the year....I'm lucky to have my father in laws Fatbob whenever I feel the need to go for a ride.

Take care guys...




Good to see you. Hope you had a grea Christmas and new year.

Glad you stopped in.We keep rocking along.

Hey Forbz
Some of us are still here.
Good to hear your still riding even if it's not your own bike.
Have you got any ride pics to share?

G'Day Folbz, from COOMA NSW Australia - Glad you have a Generous Father In-Law ... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ...

Good on you Folbz. It's good to see you back again. Keep in touch and let us know how you are going.

Thanks guys...good to hear from you all...been a long time since I dropped by.....hope all your family's are well....looking forward to getting on another bike soon...and catching up with you all...hopefully at the next meet...take care guys !!

Nice to see you back Folbz. Nice of your father in-law to lend you his so you can get some rides in.

Nice to see you. Ride safe....

Thanks guys... good to hear from you all !!

Nice to see us all....back on the air.

Are you on air Albert? I thought you were “on” something else ;0))

Yes Pete. Air is my new diet food.....I’m not sure it’s working....I feel a bit inflated.

Al stop reading those Ribalds.

Tezza.....I’m waiting for the 3D vision isn’t what it used to be.

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