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It's looking like another great summer, down under.

'It's that magical time of year again here in Oz.  We've got mangoes coming out our ears it's 90% humidity at 6am and 36 degrees at 9pm, tempers are flaring and patience is thin.'

It pays to be off the road by late afternoon before the thunder storms come from the west.  

The first beer is just to wash the dust down so you can taste the second.  




Good article Ray. Thanks. We in the southern US need to heed this also

Do the critters get blitzed when the mangoes ferment? LOL CC was running a sale on cooling vests, worth checking. The last work I did in Vegas was getting the large swamp coolers on top of a distribution center ready for the summer. If you live in a dry climate, these work great and run cheaper than AC. At one time you could buy ones to put in your car window. The evaporative vest works on the same principals. I think one under a mesh jacket would be the ticket. Also, most of the body's heat is lost thru the head head so a well vented white or silver helmet would make sense.

Not sure about that but the funniest thing I've seen is a flock of parrots rolling around on the ground after eating fermented berries off a tree. Smiley-laughing

WTF Ray.... Did you really see that or was it a few beers too much? LOL

Not at all Gert, the birds eat the fermented berries and get out of their tiny little minds. Very funny to see.

Ray, Your story remembers me to this little story. My father used to have chickens. I always had to give them water and food, I was about 7 or 8 years old at that time. One day I used my fathers jenever bottle instead of water. You had to see (and hear!!) those chickens, not to speak about the rooster! They were bouncing and wobbling around half the day, jenever looks like water but it has 35% alcohol, you know! They produced great tasty eggs that day... nice and spicy! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Yes!! It's about that!

It's over. Lower temps, rain.....

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