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JIS Screws cammed out on Right Handle Bar

I have a 2005 Yamaha Road Star XV1700. It has stock hand grips and I attempted to replace with ISO grips. There are 2 screws holding the switch on the bike. look like Phillips screws when in fact they are JIS screws. Japanese Industrial Standard. I attempted to remove with regular Phillips. Could not get them off. Tired impact screwdriver, still no luck. bought a set of JIS screw drivers...that didn’t work since now the heads are pretty well destroyed. Any suggestions other than drilling the head????




Take a small hammer and put the head on to the screw head. Now take a bigger hammer and tap on the little one flattening the screw head until you think you can get a good bit on it. IF you can get some heat (heat gun) on high maybe. The heat will soften the lock tite the factory used. Take the impact driver and give it a good whack don't tap it. Keep it tight against the screw as possible. Good luck If you still can't get it get a narrow chisel (not to sharp) and try breaking the screw loose by hitting the head with this set up. This may turn the screw just enough to remove it.

You could try an easy out. Just drill a small hole in the canter of the screw and put in the tap then back out the screw

If there is still some head height, use a hacksaw blade to cut a slot then use a flat bladed screw driver.
If there is room to use vice grips then try that.

tezza beat me to it,go with the easy outs, or drill the heads off and pull it apart,(on mine the top cap isnt threaded only the bottom half, so when the head is drilled off you have a stud, the top cap should slide off) maybe check with a buddy and see how theirs comes off) than use small vise grips(if there is room) to remove the rest of the stud. carefull though its not very strong metal could crack if you pound on it.

eynstyn, that's some soft metal, I would really be reluctant to pull the parts apart, you'd have to rethread the side the stud pulls out of.

I also have used reversible drill bits. If there is enough room for the drill and bit.

If you are going to attempt to unscrew the screws ... by whichever of the means that have been suggested by others ... try and apply heat direct to the housing rather than the screws themselves. You don’t want the screws expanding at the same rate as the housing ... zero sum gain. I have used heavy duty aluminium/aluminum foil to shape a pointed cone around the end of a heat gun. That enables you to direct heat to a specific part ... ie the housing ... which hopefully expands at a faster rate than the screw, thus breaking the seal between screw and thread.

oh that's a good idea

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