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Just a question

Hi friends. Just wondering if someone can help me out. I have done it probably about a thousand times now but why is it when I try to download a photo to my profile from my I phone does it end up upside down? I have tried editing the pic before downloading but still ends up the same way. I know its an easy fix but frustrating the hell out of me. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated as I really want to show off my new ride to you guys and gals.
Thanks, Larry.



LOL maybe the phone is trying to tell you something....
I don't know anything about IPhones other than I cant afford one..
That sounds strange though. You could send the file and we just turn our screens upside down Smiley-laughing

Thanks for the advice Val. Not sure how many would actually do that though. Like I said, its not like I haven't done it before, but it is just not cooperating. Not sure if its my editing program or the operator. Lol.

Larry just check to make sure when you take the photo that the camera icon at the top of the frame is orientated the correct way, if you know what I mean, you'll see like a little outlined camera and sometimes it's upside down when you take the pic, make sure it's the right way up

Thanks Spratty. Next time I'll check.

Also, should a photo editing program not fix that?

Yeah I guess it should be able to, not sure if that may fix it.

I've been using for years. It's user friendly and free is good. Make a new folder, save it and name it Pictures or whatever. Save your pictures to the folder. Open and browse for your folder and open the picture. Save it with a new name name, ex: Picture2. Go to tools and flip it then save. Now your go to Add a Picture and browse for it

Thanks Edwin. I'll try that program. Just not sure why all of a sudden now its giving me grief.

Pross, we had this issue a little while back and I think Uwe had a fix put into the site. Maybe drop him a msg to see if there is a problem

I have an android phone, and I often have to make sure I snap pics with the phone turned sideways or it uploads sideways and won't correct. Not sure why this is, just that it is. Maybe that could help?

Do you have an example to take a look at?

Finally got it figured out. Had to edit with Picasa. Thanks Guys and Gals. Picture posted.

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