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Keeping COOL down under

I found the best thing to keep cool on those HOT 45+ riding day. It is called the COOL SHIRT. It is a minny A/C unit that you wear. I uses small compressed air cans that plug into the hoses sewn into the shirt. I have used this in 106 deg temps and have stayed very cool. I paid right around $150.00 for the set. I am going to get some pictuers up I hope.





Will have to Google it Scruffy.

Looks like it's called Coolshirt Systems Wayne. Thanks will check out CC first.

good work Wayne. We ended up driving today because it was so hot. We got to 44 on the way here. anything over 36 is uncomfortable

OMG thats like 111 F I think. Thats crazy hot!!

going to be hotter today

Y eah Adrian. Hot for us too...but a few degrees less than you.

This shirt really works great. I went on a ride to Montana last year and it was 106deg when I left home. When we got to Spokane it seemed even hotter. That is when I put on this shirt. I was nice and comfy the rest of the ride that day. It is easy to use, the can has a belt holder so when you need a shot of cool you just hit the valve and cooled down again. I think it cost me around $150.00 and it came with 3 cans. I found that you can use the air cans for cleaning electronic key boards and circuit boards. It doesn't work quite as well as the Cool can but it way cheeper. These cans of air kept me about 20degs cooler than the temps on the road.

ya i have been looking at these and was hoping to hear some reviews on it too . think i will be getting some of these for me and the misses . thanks for the post on it .

right now I need something to keep me warm.

Bob, come down here. My thermometer on the bike is showing 43c in the shade. Sunday afternoon 4.30.

Bob you can always pump hot water through the T shirt. Just need to do a little adapt-o work. Maybe a thermos bottle with a small pump setting on the engine. That should keep you warm.

I should of had one of those on the Friday when I was riding down the Putty road on my way to the hogs it was 48°c, now that was hot, incidentally I think on the Saturday I ended up with heat stroke as I felt like shit.

Spratty , That's HOT,,you got to keep hydrated while riding. I carry 2-3 sports drinks while it's hot out. I also have a good sun screen on. I take lots of breaks to get my muscles moving. While your on a bike all your really doing is setting. I just stop get a drink move around a bit and GO. It really does not take long the get tired and sleepy. Seems once that happens you get kinda sick. That takes a couple days to get over. Ride safe

Wayne I thought I was keeping the fluids up enough, I carry a drink bottle resting in between the screen and risers and can drink on the go and carry extra water in the panniers. The Wednesday when I left it was in the mid thirties and Thursday was up to the mid forties so I think it was just creeping up on me, but the Friday certainly took its toll on me.

I found a website about keeping hydrated and it has like a calculator to work out how much fluid intake you should take under those conditions and it was like 1.7lt an hour, which is nowhere the amount I was consuming, so I'll know better next time.

I am glad you made it through. I have seen guys on construction sites that really got it bad. They did not have any fun for several days. Ride safe

One can not consume enough water when riding in those extreme temps. It means a big gulp about every minute.

Obviously not for everyday riding, but wen our ozzy temps creep up n im doin a long ride i wear a camelback with hydralite, the hose fits up under helmet no problem....

Liam, I would consider one of these for the Nullabor. It was bloody hot the times I rode across it. The camelback was good in that you didn't have to waste time stopping for a drink but man, that first sip was hot enough to make coffee with. lol

Agree with u there until i learned the trick to it....
First sip is super hot because its in hose....
What u need to do is take a drink then blow into hose pushing fluid back into camelback...
U need to take a few gulpa to get next drink but it will be ice cold...

How many litres does it hold and how long does it stay cold for,

Yeah, we worked that out...after the wife said "How come you make me have the first sip?" lol

So thoughtful Al

That's me Spratty. Ever thoughtful.

Holds 8 litres, fill it with hydralite n a full ice cube tray, stays cold bout 3-4 hours... then u need to top up ice

shit 8 litres is big, the ones i've seen are only 2 -3 lts, do you wear it like a backpack like the smaller ones

Yeah Spratty. I bought 2 two litre bicycle ones that are fine.

Might have to look into them for the BH rally, I don't want to suffer like I did down the putty at 48°c, bugger that

Yeah i have a 2 litre one for short trips or bicycle.... got this awesome 8 litre one when in the states, got it in LA its called camelback "SURVIVOR" i think hikers use it, but it works great for long road trips....

Spratty, I haven't found the need for it on trips to/through the 'Hill.
Liam, I'm too old and weak to carry 8 litres on my back...maybe I could talk the boss into carrying it. lol

He he

Yeah, I don't think so either. lol

Neither did I Al until those few really hot days riding down to the hogs ride, it really was just too hot, I would not choose to ride in those sort of temps again and if I had to I think a camelbak might be a good investment. I was drinking water but clearly not enough as I was heat stroked on the Saturday, not fun

Spratty .... a rough rule of thumb about water consumption while riding ...

If you are riding in hot weather, when you stop to fuel up and stretch every 200-250 kms, drink a bottle of water ... if you find it difficult to pass any water when trying to pee then you aren't drinking enough. On One hot ride across the Hay Plains I started with a 300ml bottle every stop but the plumbing didn't get going until I'd upped it to 600mls per stop.

The rule of hydration, if you are not peeing fairly clear then you are dehydrated. The darker the urine the more dehydrated you are. In really hot weather you almost need to have a camel back or some other system that you can drink as you are riding. Or have one of the cooling systems.

Vardy....just face it. Your plumbing is getting old. lol Yeah, we usually have a good size water every fuel stop (about the same distances you mentioned Peter) but we do carry additional water.

I tried a camelback once Al ... towards the end of the ride it was more than just the first mouthful that was hot enough to jiggle a tea bag in ... it was all the water left in the container !

This is why I like the COOL SHIRT. It keeps me from over heating while I drink fluids. Keeps me nice and cool in 106F+ temps. I have been HOT riding around here in Washington state. We don't have any shade to pullover to. Just sand and sage brush. You guys take care in that heat you have.

Used a couple of 2 litre "camelbacks" crossing the Nullabor but they had a lot of ice cubes in them when we set off each day.

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